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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#162

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A short time ago I returned home from being down
at the Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
I went there this afternoon to shoot video of captive
primate behavior.
I now have enough footage to produce a 20 minute
mini-documentary about captive primate behavior.
I do need to keep producing my own little docu-
mentary films for Derry, NH Community Public-Access
CATV where I have been volunteering since 2003.
Let me see, here are my "expenses", just to get 35
minutes of "usable video footage" for this latest
mini-documentary project:
Gasoline - $10.00
Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority
Round-Trip Ticket = $10.00
Admission to Franklin Park Zoo - $19.95
Anyway, I will not be able to switch into "Adult Baby
Mode" until later this evening before my Night Owl
Bedtime at ~ 1:30 AM.
As I have said, there is more to my life than being an
"Adult Baby".
I have responsibilities which have to be prioritized
"first", before I can "regress to babyhood".
It is important to remain "balanced" with respect to
ones adult life and when and where to regress to
babyhood again.

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