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How I became an abdl

The beginning
I think I was always a abdl, from the beginning of birth from me having to need surgery when I was little to now.
But as far as I can remember was when I was in daycare before kindergarten, at this time I remember someone playing mommy and made me the baby, that is when I found that it left a lasting impression, yet it did not last. A few years/months later with some friends we house in my neighborhood and I was of course the baby, later I started making my own diapers.

The change
By the time I was in second grade I was transferred to another school, in this new school I was put in the first grade for not learning how to read (disability), but I was happy (I made a few BFF), Its no till I was placed back to third grade when the second grade class graduated that began to change my life for the worst up till seventh grade, the bullies, no friends, the classmates thought I was a weirdo.
Also in this time frame I was in I was dared to wear diapers, and I dared him back too, to tell you the truth I think he like it.
Because sometimes he want me to change him, and him to change me, I was really uncomfortable with both, but wearing was fine.
We stopped, but then stress in life (ignored, school, bullies, and verbal abuse) resorted me to want/need to use diapers time after time again, like that was not enough then my friend told our friends in rage for something that I wore diapers, but I did not fight back by saying that he did too, they were fine with it, and I forgave him for it.
Later he back stabs me to hang around the new nabor cool kids, more like mean smoking bullies. They forced me into hiding for 2 years, thus the birth of me being anti-social. Later we became friend again, but I still cant look at him with the same caring face.

The Light
It is not until seventh grade I started to get my life back, strangely it started when winning the science fair (project was on robotics, and I had created some and showed it to the class, like a remote birdcage door opener, a bird self operated elevator, walking robot, mechanical hand, and of course self maneuvering wheel robot, ext.) for birdcage door opener, the bully had lost, a girl like liked me, had a new friend, and my classmates finally recognized me as not a weirdo. (prodigy)
Yep, as something get good, life has its turns, my lovely bird died, for crying so much I was sent home and given the opportunity of home school.
In that time I learned basic coding, computers, photoshop, lil piano; but secretly I wearing from time to time; even found new adult diapers.
In eleventh grade I learned more about computers, like hacking, flash, illustrator, coding, and building computers, networking, gaming, and creating smart homes.

Life is starting to look good, I am not mad at the past, I just don't look back. I like to "keep moving forward" quotes or from the past version "never look back".
For suicidal thoughts, so I carry a toy pocket knife, not for defense, but a reminder to keep moving forward and ask is it really worth it.
Even thought life can be scary and death is not, most of the time I say no, because life can change but death can't.
I am now in college, making friend, learning, and pursuing studies in computers.
Yes, I got caught with diapers a few time, and gave an excuse like, my friend brother must of left it, or for gaming 24/7, and I one time told her my feeling about them, I don't remember how she responded. (but I think she thinks is it just a phase)
It wasn't till recently that I got brave and looked on the internet, and found this site.
Thanks to this community I learned who I am, found others like me, and I accept myself.

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