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Diapered at home when mum walks in

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Here i am double diapered in my depends max plastic backed and who do i hear opening the door? my mum, thank god i;m wearing jeans, i still have my diapers on half an hour later and they are soaked, it feels soooo good, but i'm worried they might leak and my mum will notice, but so far so good but my bladder is really weak, so i'm constantly wetting, my diapers are so big and puffy, oh and on top of that i have pair or boy short type panties that help compress it along with keeping down the oh so lovely crinkle, but once she leaves, it's game time, i can wet till it leaks (tile floor) i can't wait, oh oh, question if it isn't too like graphic, i'll blank out some obvious words, but i would like to know how one (male) can m**t**bate while locked in diapers (colorful duct tape) i would love to be able to *** while diapered, that way i don't have to remove my diapers and re-diaper myself, i love getting full use out of my diapers, if anybody has any suggestions throw em my way, i have six hours to myself tonight and i want to make it fun


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    This is really begging for a "not sure if serious" meme. I would think the answer would be readily apparent from the mechanics of the situation. You've got rubbing or humping. Enjoy working it out.
  2. Misatoismywaifu's Avatar
    Easy, rub straight through your Diaper. That's how I roll. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.