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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#157

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Just a quiet day today.
Mostly, I have been relaxing here at home.
Been alone by myself most of this week.
My younger brother has had a number of things
he had to accomplish away from home.
I have been spending my evening watching DVD's.
First I watched an episode of "Voyage to the
Bottom of the Sea", and then an episode of
Now I am watching an "old" Discovery Channel
documentary, "Inside Planet Earth".
Of course now, the Discovery Channel has become
a trash "Reality TV" program channel, with no
educational content.
At the beginning of each "Fiscal Month" with me
being on SSDI, I go to the Bull Moose Discount
CD/DVD Store on NH Route 28 here in my town
of Salem, NH to look for good documentaries,
science fiction, and Japanese anime to add to my
large personal DVD library.
I am of course near the end of my Fiscal Month,
and I am "broke".

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