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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#156

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As I have mentioned before, full-time" infantile
regression is "not practical".
One has to also live in the "adult world" and be
as functional as possible, even if one has life-
long disabilities such as myself.
There always has to be a sense of "balance" and
decorum to maintain one's own sense of sanity,
grounded in objective reality.
Today I had "adult" tasks to perform, such as
washing laundry, going out for a couple of necessary
groceries, and being out in the yard and raking up
last year's fallen leaves to clean up my yard.
After all, I do live with my younger non-disabled
brother, and I have to help him to maintain our
family home.
I will of course note, that today here in Salem,
New Hampshire where I live has been exceptionally
warm for "early" May lately.
The outside temperature this afternoon was 86
degrees Fahrenheat.
Being an older adult with Asperger's Syndrome and
Cerebral Palsy, I do not do well in excessive heat
and humidity.
Tomorrow, I will have to bring my 5,000 BTU room
air-conditioner upstairs from the Garage and I have
to "install" it into my bedroom window.
Here at home, I have the "smallest" bedroom, with
respect to "cubic feet" to cool down.
I will have to stop at the HOME DEPOT Warehouse
Hardware/Lumber Store for some insulation foam,
after I have hauled-away the household trash.
I am the one with the town refuse/recyclables permit
on my car's windshield.

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