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Clebrating 1 Year on ADISC

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This month marks my 1 year anniversary with diapers and being a member of this site. I pretty much just jumped into 24/7 as soon as I joined last May. Since then I have ordered diapers on Amazon, purchased them in the store at Wal-mart, confessed to my fiancÚ that I was a diaper lover and got married to him a month later. I have made poor attempts at sewing my own ABDL items, found some online items I really liked at Rearz.CA and cared for my own virtual AB. I have also managed to induce lactation and have a blast with nursing. So I believe that I am a healthier, happier and cleaner person than I was a year ago. Thanks to the supplements such as Chlorophyll, I will be healthier for many years to come. Thanks to all my friends on ADISC that made all this possible! I love you guys.

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