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The Incontinent Veteran - On Vacation Finally

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Such a crazy ride getting to this point. This is the longest trip I have taken since being injured. Traveling is always tough for me. Needing to stop more often and trying to find a private bathroom is tough. Not to mention trying to change standing up.
I have been using the Dry 24/7 brand while riding in the car. They work best for not needing to be changed for a long period of time. Did have a bust through though. Those are always embarrassing. Luckily it was dark out so i was able to dart into the bathroom being unnoticed for the most part.
I thank my wonderful wife for being so helpful and supportive. She helped me get through the long 14 hour drive.
My boys are with family so we don't have to worry about that aspect of it. We did eat too much bad food and that ended up being a mess though. Word of advice, when you have a condition like this and need to travel by car for a long time, just pack some fruit and trail mix. So much better than anything greasy when it comes to cleanup. Lesson learned I guess.
That's it for now.
Comment and email. Haven't gotten any in a while. Shoot them my way and I will respond.
Take care.

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