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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#154

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I need some regression time.
I was not able to take a nap, because I had to get ready
to be a guest on a local radio station here in my area.
The subject was "Asperger's Syndrome and Employment".
Anyway, I am back home and I am watching TV online.
Just an old BBC Science Documentary.
Yesterday evening, my TV watching was to watch "UFO"
and "Star Trek".
Most of the time, I do not watch broadcast TV, because to
me, the "content" pretty-much is trash.
Many older TV shows were "better produced" than what is
broadcast today.
Well, today it has been hot outside all day, and I am now
feeling more comfortable wearing nothing but one of my
incontinence diapers.
After all, I have to wear diapers 24/7, otherwise my pants
or my bed would be "wet and poopy".
Oh! I do have a new teddy bear. I named him "Howard Hug".
I won him at a fund-raising raffle at my church not long ago.
"Howard Hug" Bear is very soft.
Very calming for an older Autistic adult like myself.
Many of us Autistics are very "attached" to soft plush toy
Yes! I am totally alone by myself this evening.
My younger non-disabled brother had to be at his part-time
He does very much understand why I exhibit what he calls
It was not fun to grow up being abused by my Mom, who was
utterly insane.
Every so often, I do experience PTSD flashbacks which are
quite intense when I feel them.
Well, back to watching TV online via the Internet...

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