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Update... I guess...

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Sorry it has been a while since I last updated anything..
Life still sucks, but I am trying my hardest to get through everyday.
I have been on my diet a for a total of 65 days now, and I can't see any improvements yet.
I can't sleep, and most of the time I honestly don't feel like eating anything.
Going away from the bad news, I finally got myself a boyfriend.
I have know this guy for almost 2 years, and I have liked him since we met online.
He used to be part of a group I would normally talk to before everyone went their separate ways.
Him and I have still stayed in contact with one another, and about a week ago he asked me to be his.
<3 I am happy as of lately in regards to that, but family life is still where everything is crazy.
My little sister just had her baby not to long ago, and we are all happy to have him.
All the happiness aside, my parents still think I am utterly worthless, and constantly feel the need to tell me so.
I have heard recently that I need to quit being such a baby, and grow the hell up.
So thanks to them I am falling back into a pit of self hatred, and low self worth.
Oh well.. that is life right????


  1. bean's Avatar
    Congratulations! I hope the two of you are able to help each other grow in happiness and strength! Congrats on becoming an uncle as well! I'm sorry that your parents don't seem to have much faith in you. I know you can prove them wrong.
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I'm sorry about the situation with your parents, and can relate to some extent. I hope that something gives eventually, even if it's just the space between you and your parents getting a bit larger to help your happiness. You deserve to be happy! I hope your relationship is full of wonderful!
  3. BronyPony1418's Avatar
    Thank you so much <3
  4. Starrunner's Avatar
    Glad to hear from you, it's been awhile.

    As far as the diet goes, keep it up!!! It takes time to see the results and a healthy diet will bring about a healthier state of mind. I might suggest throwing in a bit of exercise if you're so inclined. I'm a runner myself, and I find it helps me with other issues, like stress and insomnia. It just gives me a general well sense of being.

    Congratulations on the new boyfriend and the new addition to the family. These are really positive changes. I'm sorry things haven't gotten better with your parents. It's sad to think that a parent would make their child feel so bad. My own definition of 'family' is the people who I feel close to, and who I know care about me and can be supportive of me. Keep things cool with your parents and continue on with the healthy relationships and investing in them.
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