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The Incontinent Veteran - How was your Monday?

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How was your Monday?
let me just give you a run down of events.

I woke up as normal at 5am to walk the dog. We walk a loop of about a mile and a half around an old air strip. About halfway through my dog sees a small animal. His Achilles heel. He takes off, snaps his collar and I have to spend almost and hour hunting him down. Finally get him back and we head home.

I get home and fire up the juicer and make some juice and fill the coffee pot. Once the juice is made, I go to turn the sink on and hear a weird noise. That is immediately followed by the cold water turn off valve snapping and blowing off the wall and 500 gallons of water spilling into my first floor. I was able to finally get to the shutoff valve but not before water was seeping into the garage and out all the doors.

Luckily the repair team and cleaning crew were on point and got it all wrapped up and done by noon. But the cleaning guy left the door open and the cat got out. I had to spend the next hour finding the cat. Horrible.

Finally I was able to go home, but just to find out the power was off due to the risk with the water. Meaning I could not get my homework finished.

I am now at class and working on another class in this class.

So....tell me.... How was your Monday?
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