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Art, and what it means to me

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Re post from my FA... you guys should appreciate it too

I am EXACTLY where I planned to be this time last year, when I started to draw here on FA, I had a goal of at least 100 watchers by this time.
i have made that goal, thank you to everyone who has watched me... and thank you for the praise, critiques, hate... and even the drama. All of it keeps me going, all of it has helped me to even remain living. it helpped solidify what i had been denying all my life.. i am gifted at something. that is art.... Art is my life and when i say that I mean it...

Without art, I'd be dead, the things i post here... are not my best works... nor will they ever be.... or do i want them to be... It's only for my babyfur side to get out... so my infatuation with cute doesn't become dangeous
My best art.. i would love to see in children's books, i wish to go the way of the Bernsteins, Eric Carle, Megan Loyd, Tedd Arnold, Mercer Mayer, Felecia Bond... There's just to many to list.

Forever ingrained in the psyche are the images contained in books for young children. These images.... the feelings that are assoicated with them, feelings of snuggling up next to mommy, or daddy at night.... guessing what those little squiggles mean. Carefully studying the images.... and interpreting them one way.... and remembering something important about them. Then later on in life... after you have "forgotten" these images.... and picking that same book up, the one with crayon marks all over it, orange juice stains, and smelling of attic; the images stored on the tattered pages become something totally new. But, somehow... some way the feelings... are the same. That same child, then hands that book down to their children; and the cycle repeats...

Yeah, i might not become a name known to every daycare worker.... most likely not... Maybe... just maybe I'll get one or two books published. Even those two books will mean something to a child.
Yeah, being a babyfur plays a major part in these dreams.... or perhaps these dreams play a major part in being a babyfur.
if i could have one thing out of life.... just one thing... that I could say "I'm done" after accomplishing is to bring joy to a child. That would be wonderful...

My work may be crayoned over.... peed on by the cat, lost in a fire, sent to the depths of the attic.... but, mommy read it to you at least once right?


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