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The Incontinent Veteran - The Gym and Exercising

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Got an email asking about how I go to the gym wearing diapers. Easy, I just go. Now that makes me sound like a jerk, but it's the truth. People at the gym, are there to workout. They are more worried about how they look in the mirror to care how you look. If they are with friends, they are too busy talking to them. Even if someone did notice, 99% of people will not say anything, and, if by chance, you do happen to get that 1% that just has to know, I am honest with them. I tell them I was injured and it is medical. Once people hear that they normally feel bad and quickly get out of there.
Now I have had some interesting experiences. I do a yoga class with my wife and then lift weights after. I have had 2 experiences with people that did not fall into the previously mentioned guidelines.

1. We had just finished yoga. Although I wear clothing that covers everything, apparently at one point this woman saw something. After the class my wife and I were talking with some friends in the class and the instructor came up to me. She very bluntly asked if I was wear a "protective undergarment." I told her I was and she said that there were a couple of people that were worried about the sanitation of me having an issue while in the class. I told her that I have not had a problem yet and that I had managed it up to this point. I said, quoting now, "I am a retired Army veteran. I have to wear them because of the injuries I sustaained. If they are worried they can come directly to me about the issue. Cowardly going through the instructor for them to do the dirty work for them is childish. I have never had an issue at the gym. I pay for this class just like they do. Has anyone even noticed up to this point? No. The only way that anyone could have noticed is if they were looking at me rather than doing their own yoga. "
She went on to explain how although she agreed that it was petty it does not diminish their concerns. I explained that I bring my own mat, and towel. I do not use gym equipment for her class just in case, and I would hate to have to file a complaint siting the Americans with Disabilities Act.
That quickly squashed things. I told her that I will be bringing this to the attention of the gym manager. We then moved to yoga on different nights and I have not yet had any issues.

2. The other instance is shorter and much more annoying to me. After getting done lifting, I was approached by another gym patron asking me why I was wearing diapers. I explained my situation and instead of being off putting decided to go into his long story about how his friend overcame his issues after a car accident.
Listen I get that he wanted to relate and help, but every issue is different. Please don't be the person that feels like you have to relate and give advise and comfort. I really don't need it.

Now, for what I wear to the gym. I wear a long t shirt, with short and a pair of short bikers tights underneath to keep from chaffing. I usually use an Absorbency plus # 3, Tena classic, or if i am feeling brave or won't be long, a Tena style underwear. I normally go A+ though. Too much bending in yoga.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help.

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