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The Incontinent Veteran - College in Diapers

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I have gotten a few questions about having to wear diaper while at class. As I said before Seni Quatros are my go to, but if I know it is a short class and I have cleared the vowels I will also just go in the Tena Super Pull-ups. For classes longer than 2 hours I wear a diapers though.
I can tell when a bowel movement is about to happen so I normally have enough time to bail from the class room. Now work it a different story.
I have to be careful when I know there will be a meeting but for the most part it is just like class.
Flights are different though. I have had a couple close calls of embarrassment, but luckily sitting helps the issue. Did have one instance though where I new it was coming and it did not wait til I got off the plane. Luckily I think people just blamed the 3 year old a couple rows up.

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