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Tell, Don't tell

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Is this the place to post questions???

Well, anyway i wanted to ask the opinion of you guys of a scenario i am in.

I still live with my family of sister and mom, and they both know i like to wear footed pj's and suck on a pacifier. BUT they don't know about the diapers. I have kept it a secret and gone unnoticed for quite a while. Witch comes to my dilemma.

Yesterday i guess i did a bad job of trying to hide and through away my wet diaper, i put it on the TOP of the garbage inside the tote not thinking that my mom would lift the lid! On the way back from school, she told me something about "someone putting a baby diaper in her garbage tote!! She asked a few times if i knew, i calmly and innocently said no.

So, what i'm trying to get at is she already knows i wear a footed pj's and suck on a pacifier, so should i tell her about the diapers too? Should i show here up front? Or wait longer?



  1. Trevor's Avatar
    You may get more answers and attention if you start a thread in the forums but I'll try to address your question regardless. To start with, do not assume that because we associate all these things that other people do. It seems perfectly obvious to us that a pacifier plus footie pajamas is a tell for an ABDL. People who aren't into this may not reach that conclusion or even be aware of what we are in the first place.

    My bias is toward keeping things private. I know it can work out to tell those who aren't involved but it seems unnecessary to me. I would say that your mom has at least minimally accepted your transparently poor explanation and moved on. You can bring this back up with her and explain or you can let it lie. Do what you think is right but consider the potential benefits and harm that could occur from putting something like this out there in a way that can't easily be put back under the rug.

    If you do decide to keep it private, be more discreet with your stuff.
  2. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    I agree with Trevor, my default advice is to avoid telling. I think if you're basically happy and comfortable right now, you should keep it private and try to do a better job hiding things in the future (consider taking your trash to a garbage can somewhere else or be sure to hide it thoroughly).

    The reason I advise not telling is that sometimes people react in unexpected ways, even when you think they've accepted other aspects like the pajamas and the pacifier. Since you're living with your family, a bad reaction could make things very difficult and make you very unhappy. The benefits, on the other hand, are unlikely to be small. You're already enjoying yourself in private (or you wouldn't have a wet diaper to throw away) and you're unlikely to gain much advantage beyond an easier time getting your mail by telling your family. In most cases even if they accept you, they're going to find the thought of wet or dirty diapers off-putting enough that they won't want you to wear around them.

  3. parttimeAB's Avatar
    Thanks guys, you really helped me out here. Your right, this is my "thing" what happens in my room should stay in my room.

    I'm still getting used to this site, so i might post stuff in the wrong place at first. :P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.