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Identity stuff

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Apologies if this ends up being super-long but I need to say it.

I am transgender. I am female. But I no longer feel comfortable using gendered pronouns for myself. As far as that goes, I am fine with they/their/them or any other established gender-neutral pronouns out there.

Also, I am an otherkin. I have two different animal kintypes, vulpine and feline. I have combined the two to create my own personal kintype, vel. Also I am a dragonkin and fae, which refers to faeries.

I have several kintype pronouns you can use to refer to me as (the first 3 invented by me, the others are commonly used): vie/ver/vem/aer/aem/fae/faer

You don't necessarily have to "get" the otherkin thing, but please respect me, this is what I really am.

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