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People Wasting Diapers Irritates Me. . .

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I know I know, this blog post is going to make me sound like an ass (Or something along those lines) but I'm making it anyway.

So here I am scrolling through facebook, and I see a post from someone I know linking to a video of how to do something for potted plants, being someone who likes to grow plants I figured I'd watch it. I was HORRIFIED! (Exaggeration) to learn that it involved cutting up old diapers and using the sap from inside to mix with the soil so you could get some super absorbant soil that would slowly give water to the plants or something like that. (Which I'm pretty sure won't work.)

Her post was along the lines of: "I'm totally doing this with old diapers I couldn't get rid of." And all I'm thinking is. 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'LL TAKE THEM, DON'T MUTILATE THEM PLEASE!!!!!' But I can't say that. . . she's a neighbor not a close friend or anything and she doesn't know and she'd probe for an explination. It just bugs the hell out of me that somewhere within a quarter mile radius around me diapers are being wasted. . .


  1. Speck's Avatar
    Its actually a very smart and effective thing to do, have been wanting to try it myself one day.
  2. boobybird89's Avatar
    To each one's own Addy.. if you let things like that bother you, you'll just drive yourself crazy and have nobody else to blame for it.
  3. oleman72's Avatar
    Also SAP is sold in garden centers all across the country just for that reason.
  4. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Makes sense to me in the theory. I would have to test the idea before I approve of such diaper uses.
  5. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    That one's actually a common trick. So is using a diaper as a cold compress to put on an arm, ankle, etc. They're useful in general and there are lots and lots of diapers out in the world.
  6. AddyShadows's Avatar
    The reason it bugs me so much is that I know her kids are my age (Neighbor not friend as stated) So I know the diapers are from the 90s, and while probably not the best diapers, still. . . from that nostalgic time period.
  7. boobybird89's Avatar
    So it bothers you from a nostalgic point? They certainly aren't being wasted. More like reused for another purpose.
  8. Blacksmith's Avatar
    You could also say "hey that is a great idea can I have the rest so that I can do that as well"
    Then it doesn't sound like you want "diapers"
  9. LunaCat's Avatar
    If they're from the early 90s, that's an expensive soil addition, but she wouldn't know that
  10. AddyShadows's Avatar
    Ah well it happens unfortunately :/ And late 90s I believe lol. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.