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Updates! School + ADISC

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Hi all! This is my first blog post in forever, I apologize for not being on.

Lately, schoolwork has been murdering me, with time management skills being at an all-time low. So, from this point forward, I plan on adding around 5 minutes per morning to check and make posts on his site.

As far as the details go, the one important thing that happened this week was going to McDonalds.... The one meal I had that wasn't ramen noodles or a Hot Pocket. However, although seemingly insignificant, I actually went there both in diapers and with a roommate. This marks the first time I've worn in public, and I plan on doing so more often. .

So, I should be online around 7AM EST to check the text chat and the forums every morning. If you want to add me on Skype or Steam, you can find me on either at 7.

Other than that, no more updates, thanks for reading!
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