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the big 25

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Well I am officially 25....okay I'm a bit early. Got an hour to go until its the 4th. Its the only birthday to look forward to after you turn 21. I can now rent a car and I am no longer considered a youthful driver. Which gets me a whopping 18 dollars off my car insurance next renewal.

I don't have much planned in terms of partying. Lunch and dinner with grandparents. Some crown royal and if its warm. Sit on my deck with my cats. Exciting times...

Well heres to surviving 25 years of life. With another 75 to go XD


  1. Speck's Avatar
    It makes you feel even older when you say that you're a quarter of a century old, lol.
  2. Snivy's Avatar
    It was going to happen eventually, happy Birthday Fauxpas.
  3. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Enjoy your birthday. It's your own personal holiday. Do things you love. Go watch a movie. Binge watch your favorite tv show. Buy yourself something you wanted forever. Never allow a birthday to go by without notice. It's always important to make yourself feel special on this day.
  4. RDBrony's Avatar
    Happy 25th birthday. Enjoy your day.
  5. ozbub's Avatar
    Whoa... Quater of a century....hahaha that's awesome. Have a mad birthday dude.
  6. giantguy99's Avatar
    You're still young FauxPas. I am still young as well though that will change in 2 years. Trust me FauxPas enjoy your youth while you have it because you still do right now.
  7. Snivy's Avatar
    I'm scared right now ... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.