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Heart warming real life story

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Well what I am about to mention did in fact really happen in real life yesterday while I was waiting for a train back home from Chicago. I was near this little store inside the train station looking for something to eat when this little girl who could not have been older then 9 probably less then that rounds the corner of the store crying. I looked at her and noticed no one else was around her and realized she lost her mother. So I calmed her down patted the top of her head and walked her to a booth where I was going to have a police officer make a public announcement in order to find her mother when the mother walked up to us. I just managed to help this poor kid find her mother by simply being myself. It was because I am 6'6" and so distinctive looking the mother saw me and she used me as a beacon to find her kid before something bad happened. I find this story so adorable that I simply can't shut up about it and wanted to share this with everyone.

I have to tell you I love helping other people I hardly know because I know the power of random acts of kindness even in a city as harsh as Chicago.


  1. oleman72's Avatar
    That's a good story. I'm glad you couldhelp out that it came to a good ending.
  2. giantguy99's Avatar
    Yeah I just love it when I see someone as sweet and innocent as a child not come to a bad end. I have been calling myself a caretaker for a while now even though I have never helped anyone change their diaper before until recently. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy right now.
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    Yay. I'm always nervous about situations like that being misinterpreted, given that I look a grandpa ... or Aqualung, depending on your perspective.
  4. giantguy99's Avatar
    Well don't be nervous. I'm not blind to the reality on how controversial I can get but the fact of the matter is I understand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions far better then most people. Add in the fact that most people have no chance to know me very well unless they meet me in person mixed with a inability to present facts well and that leads to a recipe of controversy Maxx. I really am a sweet gentle giant who can handle himself quite well. What most parents forget about in order to not have their children wander off like that is how to discipline the child. You see you don't scold or spank the kid the child you simply remind the child at every opportunity how scared and unhappy they where at that moment to avoid having problems again by giving them the perfect excuse to not wander off. What most parents don't think about is if one where to spank or scold the child and the child wanders off again the child will remember what happened last time and be even more scared and afraid to come back to the parents making them lost and at risk to whatever even longer.
  5. Maxx's Avatar
    I'm just nervous about being mistaken for a pervert, what with all the stranger danger paranoia.

    There's kids, and there's kids. They're all different, and sometmes parenting doesn't make a whit of difference. Some will go their own way. We had a leash with a chest harness for Maxx Junior when we took him out in public. He'd bolt as soon as we looked away otherwise. #2 grandson was the same way.
  6. giantguy99's Avatar
    Well don't let your fear control you. It's ok to be afraid in fact lack of fear is a sign of a serious mental disorder actually. I know my way around police and in fact I can talk my way out of dangerous situations simply because I can prove on the spot usually that I'm not a pervert. Think about it. I immediately brought that kid to a uniformed police officer right? Well kind of a "pervert" with a kid that goes to the cops? The answer is simple they don't so it was obvious even in my body language that I am sweet altruistic gentle good Samaritan who happens to be the best kind of short term defense against real perverts. All you have to do is not show any fear in situations like that and that confidence will leave a positive impression on most cops as long as they are not some trigger happy person who does not belong there. Even if they are a bad cop they tend to have a soft spot for kids anyways and I can confidently prove I mean no harm to anyone except those willing to shed my blood in self defense situations. Heck most of the cops in my area know me actually to a limited extent. I wave hello to them all the time and they actually appreciate that because I don't cause trouble.

    As for your grandson has he ever run away? If yes did he get scared and started crying? If the answer to both of those questions was a yes (I don't need to know as it's none of my business) then just remind them of that feeling every time you even so much as think they are thinking about running. You see Maxx kids need discipline what they don't need is punishment as it has proven less then effective and results in animosity and rebellion towards the parent or guardian in any given situation with less then desirable results.
  7. Maxx's Avatar
    [QUOTE=accepted;bt36314]Well don't let your fear control you. [/QUOTE]

    No, of course I don't. When I've seen kids potentially lost or in trouble I've done something about it. I'm just careful about HOW.

    [QUOTE]As for your grandson has he ever run away? If yes did he get scared and started crying?[/QUOTE] Yes... and no. That was the issue for him and Maxx Junior as well. Both were/are fearless. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.