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My little sides amazing day out!

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Yesterday was a really big step for me, or for Lex (my little side) really. Today was the first day I got to at least dip my toe into expressing my little side in public. I'll lay out the timeline of what happened.

I got out of my last class for the day at noon, and bolted straight for my car. I hopped in and put on my Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack CD. It's what I use to let Lex know it's okay for him to start to take the mental wheel as it were. I drove off campus to the grocery store, grabbed Lex's diaper bag, and trotted happily into a bathroom stall, where I changed into Lex's entirely necessary padding. After I got those annoying and unnecessary pair of big boy underwear off, I grabbed some wipes because I was out, bought them and left the store. By now I was starting to fall out of college student mode and into Lex mode.

Next I headed to McDonalds, something adult me can't stand, but Lex LOVES Happy Meals! I drove a few more minutes until I got to the local park where I spent countless days of my actual youth. I would have normally been self conscious of the giant grin on my face but Lex didn't think about it in the slightest. I ate my food, grabbed the diaper bag, and headed over to the swings. The park was empty except for a mother and son playing on the far other side, so Lex had the whole place practically to himself. I pulled out my 3DS and started playing Pokemon while gently swinging on the swing set. Soon the mother and son left and I had the entire playplace to myself! I honestly didn't expect so many things to go right all at once, but then again it wasn't like I won the lottery, (I live in the middle of nowhere so some days you just don't see a lot of people), but I couldn't have felt more lucky. I grabbed my bottle filled with green tea (funny, I know, it's Lex's favorite) and started exploring the familiar playground, but with Lex's perspective.

What happened next was kind of a surprise for me but retrospectively, Lex is by far my more uninhibited side. While running around the playground structures I felt a familiar pressure on my behind, and after double checking nobody was around, I used my diaper to it's full potential for the first time in public. It was exhilarating and embarrassing and most of all fun! Twenty minutes of solitary playtime afterwords a couple with two daughters arrived and I decided it was for the best for me to leave. However much I felt like I belonged right where I was an 18 year old who probably smelled like a diaper bin didn't need to be there.

There are very private bathrooms perfect heavy duty diaper changes next to the park, which was where I somewhat clumsily cleaned up. Afterwords I put back my boring big boy pants on and that was the end of Lex's big day out.

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