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Cleaning out my friend and contact list.

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I have been thinking about this since the start of the year, and it is time to act or not.

I have 60 people in my contact list that have accepted friendship links and another 10 that have never responded.
Of the 60 there is people that have not been back since the acceptance and others that do not return PM.

So I think it is time to clean house. I am going to empty out everything and start over again.
If you notice this and still want to be on my list please resend a friend request.

I am sorry if this offends any one. It is just me and my over organizing things.



  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I did the same at the beginning of the year. If a contact hasn't been on ADISC since July 1 of last year, I deleted the contact. Nothing wrong with it. Some people come on here and are all gung ho for a few weeks and then *Poof* disappear.
    Updated 29-Mar-2015 at 01:55 by Scaramouche
  2. ozbub's Avatar
    Its kind of sad really, when I look over my friends list there are so many I miss seeing about the place. I guess some just get bored or something. I know I'm just a rank outsider, but I kind of just feel like I'm at home here, so while it's not always firing on the forum, it still feels nice to be there....sort of comfortable like being at home. maybe I'll stop wishfully thinking old faces will return and do some spring cleaning also hahaha even though it is actually Autumn downunder. maybe this will start a trend and new friend requests will be flying all over the place
  3. Snivy's Avatar
    I have did the same thing but I love being friends with everyone, even if I hardly talk to them. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.