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The Roommate Reveal + Dry 24/7s

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So, I live with a roommate in a one bedroom apartment (fits two twin sized beds, fortunately). This would be no problem... If I wasn't an AB. So, I've made the decision to explain it to him tomorrow. However, I don't think it will be that big of a deal, because I told him a pretty big secret the other day: I have two mothers. The only reason I told him this was because him and I were on two massive venting sessions. There, we got a whole bunch of stuff off of our chests, so I threw that in. He took it perfectly! Even commented on the fact that it must've taken a lot of patience to find partners, living in the time period (which was new to LGBT concepts) they did. Since he took it so intelligently, I've decided to let the kitty outta the bag.

In other news, right now I'm wearing the most boring Depends pull-up. It's all gray, no nothing! I can hear the cringes of those of you with Bellisimo, Amor, and all those other 10x cuter diapers... : P. However, about an hour ago, my drugstore called and told me that they were carrying Dry 24/7s as of tomorrow (I told them my grandfather was incontinent to avoid anything awkward). Luckily, the store was community oriented; the manager even offered to take my phone number, knowing that caring for a loved can be hard (almost broke into guilty tears when he told me that). I gave it to him against my better judgment, thinking it would pay off in the long run. Obviously, it got me the greatest profit I could get.

Author's note: Sorry for any linguistical issues, I'm typing this on my phone so I couldn't check for errors very well.


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