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Heya guys babyblood again

so i was really worried last night about my self and and the wife about my use of nappies and well i build up the courage to speak with her face to face and well we had a good long talk about it.

basically what was said was ....well i asked her why she says that she is fine with me wearing my nappies for comfort and keeping me calm and happy under my clothes but when i do wear them she seem like she is in a mood or off with me for wearing them.

She says to me that its not that im in a mood its that she finds it weird that i want to wear something made for babies.

I was like they are not just made for babies they are also made for people who are incontinence as well and that i wear them for comfort and they make me happy.

She said she is glad that i am happy but its still weird

i was like yeah i know its weird but its weird to the average person who doesn't understand why people like me and you guys on here do this, its hard for us to explain to people who doesn't have this desire to wear nappies or baby clothes and act like a toddler for us its fun it makes us happy and safe and we can be away from the real world

she now understands a little better and at that moment i asked if i could wear while going to bed, she said yeah if i wear trousers ( I.E i live in the UK trousers to us is basically anything other then jeans, jeans are jeans lol :P )

Another question i asked was when she touches me near my nappy and she kinda freaks out and rushes to mover hand i was like why ?

she said it freaks her out still that im wearing a nappy so what i did was put her hand on my nappy and said tell me what she is feeling she said its weird i said why but she doesn't know why

bit later on i showed her the Adult Short Onesie i wanted and asked if it was if i was to buy one and were under my clothes so she would never know or buy one and not tell her, she would never know, she was like no way that too weird but we have talked about this and lets take this in steps.

so over all it was a good day today we made some progress in her becoming more excepting and open to my desires of nappies and onesie's and now i can wear my nappies to bed YAY so that what ill be doing tonight will be fun


  1. SoakedinTexas's Avatar
    I have a wife that dose not mind that I wear or when I wear, but dose not like me to or want me to wear them to bed with her. If I were you I would save you wearing time for when you are awake and not sleeping with her. She seems to except but dose not like it at the same time. Maybe wearing while sleeping with her is pushing it a little too fast. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.