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Monthly blog? maybe...

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I feel like I'm starting to blog more. I might make it a habit to just post a monthly blog since I don't do enough in a week to warrant one

So a lot has happened in March. From PAX East, to my birthday, and other events.

Lets start with a recap of PAX East 2015. I was somewhat disappointed this year. Compared to the previous year(s), this year the event seemed somewhat unorganized and minimal in content. I would assume the snow was a factor. Lucky for us this year it was sunny all 3 days of the event. The best game I saw this year at PAX was Dreadnought by Greybox and Yager. It's like a 5v5 FPS but using capital ships Blowing big ships up is so awesome Also VR was a pretty reoccurring theme this year. A lot of games were showcasing oculus support. Also there were a lot of vendors this year selling stuff compared to previous years. I had a 3 day pass this year.

On my first day I spent it scouting the floor and going to some panels. This year the I found the panels to be pretty enjoyable. The best panel I went to would have to be the Minecraft modding panel. A lot of big named modders where there including Direwolf20, the founder of FTB, the creator of the forgecraft API, the creator of equivalent exchange, the creator of applied energetics, and the creator of blood magic. I believe there were more modders there but I didn't see them. That night I went to the Friday night concerts but I didn't stay too long since I was kinda falling a sleep. The people there were good, but they were playing more layed back songs from Final Fantasy and Zelda.

On my second day I spent most of my time on the show floor. Wargaming was there. I got to play the new beta for world of warships, which is not released yet. Overall impressions, the game wasn't bad. Walking around I also saw Halo 5, Overwatch, Guildwars 2 expansion (forgot the name), and Final Fantasy XV. I played some Dreadnought and was invited to the after party! It was pretty fun, hehe free drinks. Also there was a Dreadnought tournament, but I didn't play. Got to chill with the devs which was pretty neat.

On my final day I basically just went swag hunting haha. Got a few t-shirts and I bought a new headset since I got a pretty good deal on it. I got the gen 2 Astro gaming A40 headset with mixamp to replace my Logitech G930s. That's pretty much my PAX experience from this year. I hear PAX East 2016 will be in late April. Hopefully there will be more content next year. I can't wait.

So my birthday just passed. I turned 24, it was on Saturday. Unfortunately I had to work but I did have a nice dinner with family. I didn't party to much this year. However I also spent most of the day just being a little That was fun. I haven't had a chance to be a little in a while. Also I bought Cities Skylines. I have to say I'm having a blast playing it. Overall the game is solid but I'm not quite sure what they where trying to do with the random music volume spikes. I just turn the music down.

Still reading? Congrats! xD

So what's next?
Well lets briefly go over the sore subject of Minecraft xD I've been seeing some complaints lately that I sorta what to touch base on. First and foremost I host the ADISC Minecraft server. Adisc staff will not be able to help you on any Minecraft server related problems unless it has to do with authentication, Adisc side. I am also not part of Adisc staff. If you have a problem please sent me a PM. I will try to assist. Keep in mind I don't work for Mojang. If you are having problems with Minecraft itself, I may or may not be able to assist you.

For the most part our player base has fallen. This brings up the question as too, is it worth it to keep the server running? Personally I plan too atleast for now. Minecraft is always changing, I can't make everyone happy.
However I am planning to move the server to another server again to consolidate my costs. No action is required from the users as long as you connect by domain name and not by ip.

Going forward I don't mine hosting anything as long as it's approved by Moo. I now have a windows server and centos server. Ok I think that wraps up the month of March I don't have anything planed for the rest of it. Maybe I'll write another blog post in April.


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    Yeah, keep blogging. Glad to hear you had a good month & birthday.

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