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I'm 52 now and got into nappies around age 10 or 11. I started with towels as terries were what all mums used back then, plastic pants well they all burst. I guess all ab/dl's at some point wonder what it would be like to be put in a situation where they had to wear nappies and use them. In 2006 I was injured baddly and came round in a spinal injuries ward . I thought I was dreaming it all I woke and tried to move but nothing happened then the nurses and doctors surounded my bed and explained what was happening and broke the news to me. My life as I knew it was about to start again, everything from walking , feeding myself, and going to the toilet.........MORE TO FOLLOW, IF YOU WANT IT.


  1. boobybird89's Avatar
    So are you walking pretty much on your own now? That's a tough thing to overcome and takes a very strong person with a lot of determination and patience to do it.
  2. babywear's Avatar
    life will always involve wheelchairs and helpers for most things i used to take for granted. I'ts funny when I think about it most toddlers go through what I do most days , we both need help dressing, getting food, going to the toilet, reaching things that are too high up to reach. someone to push us about in a chair.bed rails to keep us safe while we sleep. Now I have all this and know lots of people would love what i have now I would give it all up to go back to life before my injuries. Being dependent on diapers/nappies and having someone care for me 24/7 is not quite what i dreamed or thought it would be.
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