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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#148

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I am still here.
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Earlier this evening, I did mutely play with my MEGA BLOKS
Building Set Toy.
I watched cartoons earlier too.
The original G. I Joe and Transformers cartoons.
Before bedtime at ~ 1:30 AM, I might decide to watch the
"Bear in the Big Blue House" potty training DVD I own.
Of course, I am not potty trained anymore, and I will never
again be "potty trained" as an older adult with Autism and
Cerebral Palsy and 100% medically incontinent.
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At least I have taken off my "punishment" footwear, also
known as my AFO leg braces. Even though I am totally used
to wearing leg braces every day, there are times when I do
feel like having to wear leg braces in order to stand and walk
as an older Cerebral Palsy adult is a form of "punishment" for
the physical abuse I put on my legs for decades to try in school
and early adulthood to "pass for normal" as best I could, to
hide my Mild Cerebral Palsy.


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