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Thread: What are your diaper fantasies?

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    My fantasy is for my girlfriend to diaper me and feed me a bottle while she sits on the couch with my head in her lap. All the time, she would say "drink your bottle, sweetheart", "good girl" and "now wet for mommy" until I do. Then she would tell me what a good girl I am.

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    my fantasy which ironically can never become true but I can MAKE happen if I was a caretaker was to just be playing with toys and need a diaper change. here's where it's not happening for me. I would love it while being changed for someone to lift me up by my ankles just like a toddler and then diaper me up. you see i'm 6'6" tall and weigh 270 pounds and I am simply too huge for anyone to be able to do that for me on the other hand if your 5'10" tall and 180 pounds or less I CAN do that FOR you as caretaker ironically. I have a 3'8" long arm and enough strength and leverage from it to do that for someone else. after being changed by mommy I would like to cuddle with her and get fed a bottle while hearing mommy say nice and pleasant things to me with music in the background.

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    I would love just to run on a beach in just a diaper without being judged... That is all.

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    I would like improvements in the diaper supply chain and in general diaper logistics. In particular diapers get expensive, so I'd like a diaper tree which grows super-premium disposables, even better than the "old" Dry 24/7's. And, since changing diapers can be a chore, of course I'd like self-changing diapers.

    Crazy? Well, you said "fantasy."

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    Mine is to bounce in a bounce house in nothing but a diaper and dinosaur slipper socks and I mean a commercial bouncer not a POS one you get at the store. I want the bouncer to be dinosaur themed but somehow have girly colors and me to have diapers in the same style or at the minimum girl goodnites

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    In terms of fantasies that I cannot currently play out? I'd have to say having a secret room in a house I own dedicated exclusively to diapers and age play, with a huge walk-in closet stocked with all kinds of diapers, including vintage.

    EDIT: As others have reminded me, throwing in diapers at the beach is a great touch! Therefore, this house should be on a private beach where my S/O and I can frolic wearing nothing but you-know-whats.

    Also, if we're listing fantasies, I want a Porsche

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    My only wish is to end up with a life partner that understands. Hell, she doesn't have to be ABDL herself. She just has to realize that this is a part of me and that I'm not some sort of child molester or anything like that.

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    Being changed.
    changing others wet diapers.
    Both have happened for me but only a few times.

    Being able to wear just a diaper openly in public.
    Have done this at burning man and a few nude beaches/nude hot-springs.

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    I would love to be diapered with my best friend and play video games or just chill.

    I would also like to wear a super thick diaper.

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    For me, it's simply being a toddler again and being cared for and babysat by a certain friend. Not regressing, being an actual toddler again.

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