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Thread: Incontinence from wearing to much

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    My urinary muscles have been getting worse since ive been wearing diapers because I find it more difficult to hold my urine when I have to pee while not diapered now so in a sense I am getting somewhat urinary incontinent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeit View Post
    There WILL be many medical advances in that time, possibly to correct some forms of incontinence. The only incontinence you can get from wearing too much will be years down the line assuming you start going 24/7 now. I hope you have a decent job since that's a lot of money covering your bottom.
    Already there are pills for particular types of incontinence, such as urge incontinence, where the accidental loss of urine is caused when the person is aware of the need to get to the bathroom but is not able to hold the urine long enough to "get rid of it"

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    As with all muscles, if you don't use them they will weaken. If you exercise they get stronger, thats why people do Kegel exercises, to strengthen the muscles and prevent leakage. If you purposely stop using the muscle, it will slowley weaken and you will start to have more trouble holding it in. If this is for you, it will take years, but is not medically harmfull. All you have to do is start going often, every two hours is a good schedule, and when finished, don't squeeze the muscles to stop, every time you squeeze those muscles you are exercising them.

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    Wearing diapers constantly and weakening your control over a long period of time has to make you incontinent eventually. I wet the bed until I was 13, and before that I had no real control at night, so it happened 5+ times a week until I grew out of it. Now, at 17, I wear diapers for fun and sometimes use them at night, but its on purpose. I don't wet the bed anymore by accident, but if I were trying to, I'd wear a diaper 24/7 or every night, while drinking lots of water before I sleep. But being incontinent is a strain, because you'll have no control and you'll always need to wear a diaper. I've heard that a few AB/DLs have done this, but I wouldn't try. I'd have to go 24/7 for months before that happened.


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    I'll admit, the idea of being incontinent was appealing for awhile, but once I really thought about it, I realized how troublesome and stressful it'd be.
    I was further reminded of this when I went to bed with an already wet diaper on, and wet even more while sleeping, causing a leak.
    It was VERY stressful.
    No way would I want to become incontinent.
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    Like everyone else said, no it is not nearly often enough to cause any form of incontinence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    What makes you so sure it'll happen?
    Actually it is quite more common than you think, just incontinence by itself, without the wearing diapers before getting incontinent. I will show you what I mean with credible proof later in my post.

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvsGurl View Post
    I have been wearing for almost 24/7 and would by no means say that I am incon. These ideas of becoming incon are odd, the only thing that do that is a medical issue, you body will not simply forget how to function.
    Actually it is defiantly possible, but you would have to like not use your bladder muscle like little to non for probably several months before you came generally incontinent. I had a baby girl in the recent past that became incontinent from wearing 24/7. Not fully but she would go without realizing it, and if she really concentrated on it, she could never hold it for more than a minute or so. That was after about 3 months 24/7. I believe it will be easier for some people than others to become incontinent by wearing 24/7. But, I believe that wearing 24/7 is not the only key thing to becoming incontinent. The person also has to release his/her bladder within seconds of noticing the urge to pee. Thats how I believe the whole thing can happen.

    Fire2Box did make a good point about the night, but a way to solve that is to no drink anything 2 hours before bed and wake up once in the middle of the night to see if you need to go. Now I do not condone TRYING to become incontinent I think that person most likely is going to regret it later down the road. I for one would never do it, but I would really love to bed wet, I really think I could enjoy that without it annoying me or interfearing with my every day life.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Though if I'm wearing all night, I find that in the morning I sometimes just go and can't stop. What a rush!!! There may by a psychological ease because my mind knows that I'm still in diapers. If I had showered and changed in to underwear, I suppose I would have fought it harder.
    Thats interesting because I feel that has happened to me recently. When I wake up and soon as I stand or sit up I have this huge rush to pee. Seems like when I am laying down I have to but its not like an urging pee. Then when I sit up it become like 5 times more intense and if I tray to hold it I have to dance around or jiggle my leg or do crazy stuff like that. It just slightly hurts and feels like if I take my attention off it, then it will be all over. When I do go I can not stop either, well I can but it is more like a pause, like a second or second and a half. So because of that I been wearing diapered pretty much 95% of nights so I can just go and not have to worry about it. Except I been wearing a lot more on average in the past three months, like every day, half the day, like 8-16 hours a day. So I think that obviously has something to do with it, cause my body got used to releasing immidiatly soon as I sat up but in the mornings I was wearing or not, if I tried to hold it, it was a big task.

    Quote Originally Posted by Incomplete Dude View Post
    To be sure, you can regain continance if you want to by doing kegal exercises and practicing holding it, but not everyone wants to. I wouldn't do it though.
    I thought kegel excersises were only beneficial for bladder problems for women because their muscle structure and bladder position is different than ours, we all know their way different down there even when not considering out extra parts out there, but inside the body is way different.

    Anyways so now to talk a bit about incontinence in general to go off what Trevor showed. I looked up this article (you must have adobe for this) that talks about how common incontience is in men and women. No offense Trevor but I just felt like your source gave too wide of a range of statistics.

    As a summary... 3-11% (based off different studys of groups of males) of males (I am assuming considering all ages adolescent and older) that have some form of incontinence (not just total incontinence) with the ratio of for every 1 incontinent male there are 2 incontient females. Some girls don't stand a chance staying away from diapers. :naughty:

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    :bunny: Choice is better than involuntary action I think. But the more I wear the easier it is to use without much thought. :bunny:

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    Quote Originally Posted by deependh200 View Post
    I think i heard somewhere once that guys who wear diapers like 24/7 (mostly elderly incon guys i think) run a higher risk for developing cancer down there, but i really don't know. I can't remember where i got that from nor whether or not is was a conclusive study or anything.
    I would doubt it, and would have thought it's more likely the opposite. Regularity is likely good for the bladder.

    The human culture oddity of holding it in for long periods is more likely the cause of many urinary problems in older age.

    There was the whole thing about male babies in diapers and the effect on fertility, due to the heat build up "down there", but mostly a rubbished theory. Fertility issues due to heat from what I understand are not often permanent. i.e. stop wearing diapers, or tight underwear, and after a while the sperm count builds up again. Babies obviously have more than a decade before they are mature and (apart from us ), are well out of diapers by then. Fertility issues are more likely genetic than anything else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I don't think wearing diapers 24/7 can cause incontinence. After all, you're still voluntarily deciding when to urinate, whether it's in a toilet or in a diaper.
    Whilst I'd agree about it not causing incontinence, however you can get to the state of it not entirely being voluntary. i.e. the body needs to pee, you pee. Rather than the non-diapered situation of needing a pee and you think about it, hold it in, and consider finding a toilet when it's convenient.

    Personally, when wearing a diaper now (and I don't do 24/7, more like 24/2 or 24/3 ), when needing to pee it is almost a subconcious action. It's not incontinence as I could decide to take action and not pee, but it happens now without really thinking much about it.

    Never happens when sleeping though. As much as I'd love to wake up wet without realising I'd wet in the night, it would be far too much of a problem in my life when I don't want it to happen.

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