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Thread: Drynites / Goodnites in plastic ! [with Pictures]

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    Lightbulb Drynites / Goodnites in plastic ! [with Pictures]

    I was walking down the nappies aisle in Sainsbury's (UK store) when I saw a woman buying the girls 8-15 Drynites. I stopped by, it's not everyday I see someone actually buying those teens nappies, especially the girls ones.

    I looked for the boys Drynites but they didn't have anything left other than the smaller 4-7 nappies. 3.80, that's like twice cheaper than normal, I got one pack and went straight to the self check-out. Surprise surprise, the lady with her own Drynites pack came to the nearby counter seconds after me, she looked at me and my nappy pack, very awkward moment. I wonder how old was her daugher, it always feels weird to know some kids actually need to wear them, as opposed to like to wear them.

    Anyway, back home I decided to peel the outer layer which actually comes out very easily.
    Very surprised to realise that it takes just a few seconds to end up with a complete plastic backed teen nappy!
    It feels baby, it crinkles a hell of a lot more, it's cute, it's just awesome!

    Pictures are 1024 px, click on them to open them in full.

    Straight out from the package

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02547.jpg

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02550.jpg

    Peeling the outer cloth-like layer

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02556.jpg

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02561.jpg

    And voila ! A superb cute and crinkly teen nappy !

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02575.jpg

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02576.jpg

    Drynites / Goodnites  in plastic ! [with Pictures]-dsc02577.jpg

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    Wow the look so much nicer without the cloth layer!!!

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    Hm.. I prefer cloth-backed over plastic-backed, but I think I might try this..

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    I have ripped the cloth layer off dozens of times before, and I love how crinkly it gets when you do, plus the designs look better too.

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    They look super cute!!! Do they fit well?

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    Yes, they have a very snug fit, and are very comfortable to wear.

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    yes this is a wonderful trick. The colors are much more vibrant and you can feel the plastic. One thing to watch out for however is peeling the cloth near the sides be careful not to pull the elastics out.

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    Do the Goodnites also have a crinkly under layer? I've worn them several times, but don't have any one me to try this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
    Do the Goodnites also have a crinkly under layer? I've worn them several times, but don't have any one me to try this.
    They do. Once you remove the cloth layer, it becomes very crinkly, just like a normal diaper.

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    I tried this and ended up ripping some of the plastic and the diaper. Any tips on avoiding that?

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