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Thread: Hospital diapers, your experiences?

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    Well i see all hospital diapers dreams are crushed after this thread. But i was close to having to wear diapers in the hospital at 7. but i wasnt an tb than so i didnt think about leting go of my bladder.

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    When I had neurosurgery just in December 2006, I was catheterised. However, after that was removed I was offered them so I wouldn't have to get out of bed (it's quite a painful and disorientating recovery initially).

    I chose not to, as I did want to get out, even if it was to sneek away for a smoke... but also, I felt a little, er, nervous about asking for them.

    They did use Tena though, not some crappy generic ones.

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    when i was like4 just going on 5 or somthing they had to put me in diapers cuz i was really sick with somthing and i would get really hot and i would have like bowl movements and stuff and i would wet my self in my sleep.

    i only remember this much cuz of wat my mom has told me so yea i dont fidn it much of and exsperince but jsut thought i should post it ^_^

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    When I was 7 years old, in the 2nd grade, I had appendicitis and it bursted halfway through the school day. I was rushed to the hospital, and I had some high internal bleeding. After losing all that blood, I passed out for a few hours. They operated quickly, and but 9PM I was all patched up and fixed from the bursted appendix. There was some infection that spread throughout my blood, so I was given really heavy medication. I wasn't really in a good state of mind because of the mix of sedatives and ADHD -- so I was being fussy and didn't take them without a fight. Eventually when they put a 'knock-out' drug into my IV, I went out like a light -- and didn't wake for 14 hours!

    When I did wake up, I was alone, and the TV was on (I think the show 'Between the Lions' was playing). The nurse came in and fiddled with my IV. Right then and there, I just unleashed my bladder ALL over the place. She looked over quite surprised, and comforted me and told me she'd be right back. She came back with two other nurses. She took me over to the bathroom for me to shower, and when I returned the bed was cleaned up, and to my astonishment so were a bundle of diapers.

    I was horrified, but groggy nonetheless. I laid down, she put me in them, and I fell asleep again.

    I was in the hospital for two weeks, and from that point on I was in diapers until my release, which they gave us some to take home for me to use for the whole week following from the procedure that was done -- the doctor did something and it affected the nerves near my bladder or something, i don't remember anymore. But for the three weeks I had to wear them, they never leaked or anything, and my mom never really had any problems with me+the diapers. IIRC, they were quite comfy and pretty thick. I really don't remember anything else, -- but I do remember one time when my aunt (she's also my godmother) came in and saw the pack on the stand next to my bed, and I freaked out. In the end she ended up changing me anyway. >__>' wasn't fun.

    Then once I was out of them I wouldn't be in another diaper for some 6 years later, so they were an experience that lasted with me.

    I come to notice that diapers from hospitals are really good for kids, and really crappy for adults. In the P-ICU, they have a whole room with them. They haven't changed a bit from when I've last seen/used 'em. They go pretty big, I saw when my cousin broke his lower back -- they could easily fit someone with a waist +3" more than me.

    But that day I also saw the ones used for adults -- they really do look like a plastic bag with paper towels as filler! hah. They're paper thin too.

    And, to close up -- if you ever go to a hospital -- to visit, etc -- ask for a small pack of the "maximum size youth diapers". Say they're for someone you know, or that you were asked to get them for someone you're visiting. They'd hand you 'em without a hitch!

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    I was hospitalised a couple of years ago because of pneumonia, and spent 5 days there. They didnt give me a diaper though, only catheters until i could use the toilet on my own.

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    Ehh, catheters. I'd never agree to use those in my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    Ehh, catheters. I'd never agree to use those in my life.
    I'd rather piss myself. then use them.

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    i wouldn't know iv'e never used a catheter at home or at hospital
    the only think i have used in a hospital are the Tena slip Maxi medium and the large ones. ^_^

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    When I was in the hospital I only told them about my BW so I didn't have to wear the loud, thick diapers in the day. The diapers they gave me worked rather well and the only bad thing about it was when I was on continuous it was really awkward cuz depending on the person they either let me close my door a little and they'd stand outside or they'd be in the room and just look away. So aside from the fact that I couldn't change in private, they also put a plastic sheet on my bed and that added even more noise whenever I sat on my bed. At one point they were gonna give me a roommate but I didn't know who it was so I told them I didn't want one but after finding out that it was a friend of mine I kinda regreted saying no. But yeah, anyway, all in all I think the hospital diapers worked better than anything I've tried before

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    I have had a cathether, they are not any fun going in or out, all the time It was in, I was out, I mean out cold, for about 2 weeks, I'll never forget the going in, untill the day I die.

    as for the diapers I tried one that I got when my mom was in the hospital, when she came home, they just packed it with all the stuff that was in the room, it was a light green color and it was actully way to big for me, and I don't remember too much more about it.

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