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Thread: Memories of wearing diapers before they were a choice?

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    I clearly remember the rubber like mat that covered my mattress to protect the mattress from accidents. I have a vague memory of being diapered, though it is slight. I remember my trainers however, and one instance when I was 4, I found an old pair of training pants in the bottom of my dresser drawer. I waited until my parents were working out in the yard and I put it on. It was actually loose on my waist. My mom caught me with it and I asked her why it was loose. She told me that was because I was a pudgy baby, and some pictures verify that. As I got a little older, I lost the baby fat.

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    Aside from remembering several instances of being changed I have a few distinct memories.

    I remember when I was potty training age (2-3), I would use pull-ups to go to bed in. Well one night we had run out, and my mother had to put me into a diaper for the night. I remember that I got mad because in my mindset, diapers were for babies, not big kids!

    One other memory I can recall occurred when I was about 3-4. Apparently I was acting pretty horrible one week and my mom threatened to put me back in diapers if I continued to "act like a baby" as she put it. I didn't really believe her until one day I acted up and she pulled out a pack of pampers and diapered me on the spot. I was so embarrassed that I went right to my room, tore off the diaper, hid underneath the covers and pouted for a good long while.

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    I was actually in diapers at night until about 17.... I know, it seems as though that may have been a dream for a lot of people here, but guaranteed, it had big drawbacks. I remember being in pull-ups at night from about 4-8, from there, Goodnites, and then finally Depends until 17.

    The pull-ups stage I was embarassed here and there, but not terribly embarassed until after age 8 or 9. That was when bedwetting really got tough.

    Overall, too many stories to recount considering my bedwetting lasted roughly 18 years....

    One of my best friends, who I thought had no idea about it, actually made a joke about me in diapers last year; talk about uncomfortable and a little startling.... I also remember him saying when we were freshmen in highschool that it sounded like my bed had trash bags on it... I told him it was a cover on the matress because "I have allergies."

    You could say that dl-ism was kind of a destiny I guess....

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    I have two memories of being diapered. One was when I'd come back from the doctor with my mom, after having a split lip sewn up. I'd fallen, and bit through my upper lip. When we got home Mom put me in diapers and plastic pants and put me to bed. I was, maybe, 4 at the time.

    The other is when I was in hospital to have my tonsils removed. I remember being rolled in on the Gurney, and having a nurse lift up the little gown I was wearing. She put me in a very thick cloth diaper and white, hospital-grade rubber pants. I was diapered throughout my three-day hospital stay (it was an involved operation), except for when I had to poop. The nurses would take me to a toilet for that. I was in kindergarten at the time, so I was a little over 5 years old.

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    One of the earliest memories I have relating specifically to diapers is being changed by my mom in the bathroom. I ran in and spun around on the floor (like sliding into a base), and then lifted my legs. There was also this one chair in the living room that was very uncomfortable and itchy, but it was of like how you would hide behind the couch, except I stood in front of it and mom sat and held my hands. I have no idea how that association came about.

    I was potty trained late I suppose, somewhere between four and five, and the only reason I stopped wearing diapers was due to one little embarrassment that scared me out of them. One of my dad's friends was coming over, I was in a diaper, and my mom said to me "You don't want him to see you in a diaper, do you?" Now, I doubt he would've cared, but it was a scary thought then. I went and changed into underwear and that was pretty much that. I don't remember the process; surely I wasn't that easy to train.

    One of the most vivid memories: I liked to get under my blanket and pretend it was a tent, sort of. I remember doing this while still diapered. Almost right after I was out, I still did it because I associated the act with diapers and I hoped they would magically re-materialize back on me (I know, kid thinking).

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