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Thread: What if a stranger would notice you're wearing a diaper in public ?

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    Being the I've been noticed I'm sure but never a comment.

    I'm amazed that my gf who 100% knows I wear most the time out of the house on longer trips can't tell.

    She has asked if I was wearing on occasion not knowing if we need to stop. I cant go too long without a bathroom break anymore.

    Even people that look can't tell. Now she just smacks my butt to tell for sure.


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    I wear in public all the time, I can honestly say that nobody has noticed that Im wearing (well, at least I think). If a stranger did notice, I dont think they would approach you to question you on it. Most people would just assume that you have medical issues etc. Would you ever go and question a wheelchair bound person about why they need the wheelchair? Same principle I guess

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    If anyone noticed I was wearing, I wouldn't give it much thought. If they said anything about it with negative connotation, then I would tell them to mind their own business. If they said anything with positive connotation, then I'd probably strike up a conversation with them that's not related to my choice in underwear.

    Just a side note, no one has ever noticed that I'm wearing a diaper, and I doubt anyone ever will if I just mind my own business, so if anyone is paranoid about this, relax.

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    I wear in public under my jeans or shorts and been spotted once in WalMart by a nice young lady who discretely said that the back of my brief was sticking out and kind of stood to block the view so I could adjust it. Swear to god! I must admit that I was a little turned on and very embarrassed at the same time. A similar experience happened when I lived at home and my Grandmother said that my diaper was sticking out the back! That time I was mortified but she never brought it up again curiously? It doesn't bother me to wear in public because most people are so self absorbed that hardly anyone, IF anyone, is ever really looking. So it's all good.
    I did have a very rude CVS worker ask me a billion questions about why I was buying adult diapers. I told her it was none of her business and that you shouldn't sell things you wouldn't want people to purchase and that if she must know they were for me. I certainly didn't go into any sort of detail but I just wanted to make her feel awkward..and I did. :P

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    I've worn afew times on the job (mainly because I had my overactive bladder flair up that week) and no one noticed at ALL. I don't think the vast majority of people care at all about what underwear your wearing ^^;.

    I haven't worn them beyond the house for awhile because it's been extremely hot here >-<.

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    "Do you have any manners?" in my most whiny irritating and full of self voice.

    I would probably ignore them (turning into the next toilet to check in case it is showing).

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    I very much want to be noticed for wearing a diaper. This week I've just got the jonesing for it and I've been on three small outings wearing a diaper, and am in fact at my local library just returned from one, still diapered. If someone notices you, more likely than not they figure it's for medical reasons. However, I doubt that I've been noticed. Any ambient noise in a store, such as music, can hide the crinkling of even the noisiest diaper (I'm wearing an ABU Cushie, which is very crinkly). A few weeks ago I went to a CVS, got brave, and when an attractive woman in her twenties asked me if I needed help finding anything, I asked her where I could find the bladder control aisle for adult diapers. She was professional and led me to the aisle, but it was too noisy for me to be recognized as wearing a wet Abri-Form X-Plus.

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    I am a cashier at a grocery store now in a small city, so I am worried that if I wear diapers out in public, and I will get recognized as a [grocery store name] cashier in the small town. My fiancee used to be a cashier at other grocery store, and she get recognized time to time from random customers. =p So I might not wear out there anymore. But whenever I did, I never pay attention to other people's reactions if they ever see it and thankfully I can't hear so I can't tell really. Oh well. =P

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    I'm sure people have noticed previously when I've been out in a diaper (or worse, leaked), and it used to worry me. But, really, what's the big deal even if they do? You're never going to see them again, and if anything they'll just assume you have a medical problem. Worse things can happen!

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    I love getting noticed. I'll tuck my shirt into the front of my diaper and have it stick out above my jeans a little. Most people don't notice, a few notice and either don't say anything or wait until I pass by and then say to their friend something like "that guy was wearing a DIAPER" and on the rare but exciting occasion someone will ask about it or comment directly to me. Very exciting.

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