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Thread: baby diapers 4 teens

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    Default baby diapers 4 teens

    this my be a stupid question, but i luv the look of baby diapers, eg huggies pull-ups, but i know they probs won't fit, does anyone know if and where i can get baby-like diapers that would fit a teen, pleeeeease?

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    You would have to test the baby ones in big sizes...If you can't fit, then you could try like Bambino's or something

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    Like Pojo said, Bambino's are your best bet.

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    last time I bought Luvs which was last year I could pull off the blues clues panel and stick it onto one of my abena X-plus. I also used clear mailing tape to hold it in place more.

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    Possibly. I don't know about Huggies, but I am 14 and can fit into Pampers, barely.

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    I'm a pretty big teenager and use pampers and luvs. I use duct tape to tape the sides together. Obviously it's not a great fit and doesn't hold much, but it's easier to buy them and cuter. Luvs are bigger than pampers, but pampers seem to be more comfy and hold a little more.

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    bambinos or classy comfort are adult or teen baby diapers.
    other wise you can buy adult diapers with cartoon stickers on them
    under adult diapers.

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    Baby like diapers ?

    I do think the modern baby diaper is rubbish because of the non-woven outer cover !

    If you love the "look" of the baby diaper, such as the cartoon characters, you can buy some sticker and stick on the outer cover of the adult diaper.

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    Goodnites will be your closest bet. But the designs are more centered for teenagers (although they are more suited for 8 year olds)
    Other than that, bambino's if u can order from the net

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    Lads. Look at his loctaion.
    From England.
    No way he'll get Bamboobno unless by pays extra for the shipping.

    Best to go around shops and see.

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