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Thread: Questions about my husband and diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpfjohnson View Post
    Hi if he is anything like me it is hard to talk about. This can help make you two much closer. I am vary open with my wife now but it took a long time. Try enjoy the fact that trusted you. He may not even fully understand why he wants to be diapered. Best of luck.
    You can have a good point on this.

    Maybe he can ex-plane bay writing it on a paper.

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    I'm not into the AB side and my wife enjoy the way I look at her when she's diapered and so she's pretty happy to wear them for me and she feels like they help her to have a better body image of herself too. Mainly all that she does in the bedroom with diapers is to wear them and I take it from there, she knows that the thing I like mostly is just seeing her in one and being able to touch it. Mainly it reminds me of being a teenager, there's just a lot of touching and heavy petting.

    Someone else already mentioned it and I agree, I think the best idea would be to put on a diaper and surprise him. I know if my wife ever put a diaper on without telling me I would notice right away and would get pretty hot and bothered. Even if she had it on under what she was wearing that day, just knowing that it was there under her clothes would be enough to get my attention.

    Good luck to ya, my wife started out hating this aspect of me completely but after almost two years of knowing about it she finally realized that there was nothing weird about it at all. Once she was finally able to detach the stigmatization of diapers and realized that what turns us on is our own business, she embraced it. She knows it's a part of who I am and she loves me for me diapers and all and she has expressed recently that she feels like it has improved our sex life.

    Don't be too hard on yourself, the fact that you are okay with it is huge. I really wish that diapers turned my wife on in the same way they do me but I'm okay with knowing that she wears them because she likes to see me get excited and when she has a diaper on it makes her feel desired. I hope it brings you and your husband closer together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmine82 View Post
    I change him and let him change me. This is just really unfamilar territory for me. I was SHOCKED when he told me that he liked them but have tried to accomodate him. I do it for him, i like seeing how much enjoyment he gets out of it but I dont see the appeal myself. This disappoints him. He wants me to love it as much as he does. I feel like im letting him down.
    Take it slowwwwwwwww. It will take some time for him to express himself and for you to understand it. Years. The part about you loving it as much as he does will probably never happen. He needs to be okay with that. Worse case scenario is that you get pushed into something that eventually disgusts you and your relationship suffers. You should not feel like your letting him down because you just found out about this and you cannot "know" everything about it. Again, I'll repeat take it slow and perhaps set some limits.

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    Hi justmine82,

    I'm in exactly the same position as you and would really like to hear whatever you discover and how things progress for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    Diapers are made for one thing.
    Made for one thing, used for many. I'm thinking this thread here may be a good place for some ideas of what your SO might enjoy. Remember, you don't have to figure out what HE knows he enjoys, you're allowed to be original. And that'll be appreciated more if you find something he didn't even know he liked.

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    I might have missed it as I just skimmed the thread, I would like to praise Vanities and justmine82 for being so open minded and accepting. Let's face it, this is a fairly odd thing to be into and it's worth mentioning how nice it is to hear about people like this, even if they aren't into it themselves.

    I'm not the best to ask for relationship advice BUT it might be worth letting him/her know about what your sexual interests are. Opening up to your partner about yourself could allow them to likewise be more open with you. It sounds to me it's not so much about this particular fetish as just getting your partner to be more open with you about what they want and you being more comfortable doing what they want. I think that would be easier if your parter also had something they could do for you to make you happy. You having been a bit more vulnerable with them will also perhaps give them more confidence in talking to you about what they want.

    Now, that probably won't work if you really are one of those weirdos (no offense) that's only interested in plain vanilla sex. I also hope that all makes sense.

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    Thanks banter.

    What you've said absolutely makes sense. Ironically if I had been more open with my boyfriend about my sexual history then he may have shared his fetish earlier... I always believed there were some things potential husbands should probably not know!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanities View Post
    What you've said absolutely makes sense. Ironically if I had been more open with my boyfriend about my sexual history then he may have shared his fetish earlier... I always believed there were some things potential husbands should probably not know!!
    My wife and I have found that total honesty and openness really helps create trust. She knew about my wetting problems from the time we started dating. We discussed everything from previous boyfriends/girlfriends to sexual fetishes and fantasies. There was also a lot of other history that came out to her as we got further into our relationship, and it has been something that she has taken in stride.

    Vanities, kudos to you, many people in this world get hung up on little things when there are a lot more important items to concern oneself with.

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    My wife new I loved wearing diaper befor we married.
    She even went as far as wearing a diaper now and than trying to please me.

    I will not say I know what your new husband is looking for but I feel I can offer a bit of advice as to what he might be looking for as I went through the same with my wife.

    Some things he may want to do is to have sex while wearing a wet diaper, or a mesy diaper, or both a wet and messy diaper. He may want to have sex while you both are wearing a diaper. He may want to have sex while you have on a wet and or messy diaper. I only say this things as it is what I had always wanted and my wife only put her foot down on the part of her wearing a messy diaper during sex. Which I did completely understand, after all it was not her diaper fetish it is mine. These are but only a few things your husband may be wanting and only you will be able to find out his desires.

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    As an outsider, a 30 year old asexual with zero interest in either sex, again take this with a grain of salt; it seems like the old adage "honesty is the best policy" is pretty true in most situations. Of course, in most cases, on a first date you don't want to dump all your hangups and interests on someone, but in a committed relationship I agree with Analog there. Letting a partner know what you're into could end a relationship but to me that seems better than living a life hiding what could make your life a bit happier from the person that should mean the most to you.

    So I guess, tread lightly but make sure you make it to the end of the sidewalk.

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