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Thread: So you wanna be incontinent?

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    I think this thread has one of the biggest mixes of great advice mixed with ignorant comments on all of adisc or the internet. I think AnalogRTO and tbchris have really put it into perspective the best. Most of us here go back and forth with highs and lows on the issue and come here to vent, share, or find advice. Still I am of the opinion that you can't really understand until you've been there. You guys are right. I don't understand what it's like and I never will. I'm sure AnalogRTO doesn't fully understand why his son has the condition he does but he is right in that you shouldn't push someone down that path without really thinking about it.

    I think this whole ab/dl thing for me has softened my heart about all these other conditions like gay/bi/trans. I still am of the belief that nobody is born with any of these conditions, including ab/dl but that we might be more susceptible to them and our brains get hardwired, much the same way was commented above from the time we are a baby on up in our lives. I do believe that if I really wanted to I could get rid of my thoughts and feelings about diapers but the feat would be enormous and I honestly do not know that I would want to. So in that regard I understand how powerful these conditions are and how powerful the mind is. Sorry if others feel a different way I don't mean to offend or cause debate I just thought I'd share my thoughts on the distinction between the physical condition of being incontinent and the choice.

    I am thinking the best advice I've heard on here to give to those who want to be incontinent is to give it a trial period. Go 24/7 until you get freaking sick of it, just go when the urge hits, don't try to stop it, carry all of your supplies with you and really live the life these guys have told us is the reality of it. Beyond that though you will never be able to get people to stop fantasizing and talking about it here on the internet.

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    I agree wildcate with what you said .

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    Wildcat, thank you for the compliments.

    I've tried to be as honest and open about this topic as I can. This is not something that is just an easy thing to do to yourself, making yourself incontinent is very dangerous and innately harmful. It is one where I want the information to be as explicit and plain as possible.

    Each of us has our beliefs about how people are made up internally and I will not argue that here. My last post was to try and indicate to Lily that I do not have anything against anyone with GID, or anyone who might be gay, bi, trans, queer, from another planet, etc. or any person I have not covered. Nor did I see anywhere in the posts that tbchris has any bias against said persons. Additionally, I wanted to try and indicate that neither tbchris or myself (or anyone else for that matter) had made any indication that GID was not real, or for that matter had even discussed it. Her last post seemed to be wildly defending herself against unknown assailants. I just wish we could be a little more understanding as to what was going on where this random post came from.

    I have tried to make all my posts use logic and science as a basis instead of being emotional and reactionary. I hope my last post regarding loss of control via "mental retraining" was informative. As someone who was in college when my first child came along, I had the opportunity to take early childhood biology and development classes as an elective. Paired with my engineering background and scientific classes, it was a unique view into how my children would grow and develop in front of me.

    I highly recommend that people never stop learning, and that every topic they can find out more information about (whether for work, fun, or just to pass the time) be something they pursue. The world is full of wonderful things to learn about.

    Again, thank you for the compliments.

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    Wildcat, I thank you too! It would be kind of strange for me to say something against anyone who is gay, bi, trans, queer, from another planet, etc. because I am included myself in that list too! Basically it did all come down to just one thing. Replying to a post without actually reading all of it first and wanting to argue the first thing they saw from it. The rest of the replies equally came from not reading much less even trying to understand what was said. Just wanting to make a arguement for the sake of argueing. There is more then one lesson in this thread

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    Default diary of a mad incontinent ABman...well not really mad just a few points to ponder...

    I won't detail my whole life as a urinary and fecal incontinent individual, however I did want to post some points for people to ponder as to what incontinent people have to go through. It is a daily struggle for us to have any semblence of a normal life...

    Im thinking literally being born unable to control my bladder or bowels and numerous other issues lead me into the ABdl life style and in all honesty at this point in my life, (years of embarrassing and humiliating situations)I've been able to come to terms with my issues and with my ab lifestyle, I don't think I would take a cure if one was offered(I've been there done that 7+ surgeries and hundreds of doctors visits) its just too much of a big part of who I am....

    so here are the facts:
    1)its nice when in ab mode which is frequent but not 24/7 and at the least it is a severe inconveience when I have a busy day ahead of me.

    2)my diapers are paid for by my insurance and so are doublers/liners but sometimes what ever medical supply company I go through at the time offers the cheaper brands of diapers...and I have no choice but to pick what they have.

    3) people do notice if you never use the toilet.

    4)no matter how much you try to hide evidence you are wearing a diaper or the smell of pee or poop a person or people will eventually notice...not neccesarily a stanger walking by you on the street but definently people close to you.

    5) I have always had plastic sheets on my beds. Which is cool when you are in ab mode but from experience they do get annoying especially on hot nights or if your diaper leaks and mine do. The feeling of wet plastic and bare skin isn't always pleasent...( I'm into the bdsm scene so a lot of times I like being soaked in pee, however the rare occasion I wake up at night for some reason its different for me...maybe a childhood thing???)

    6)its not the easiest thing to carry extra diapers w you when you are a know guys don't have the benefit of a purse...I do have a daughter whom I'm a single dad to and she is 15 months old so I do have a diaper bag with me when I'm out with her however it feels strange for some reason stuffing my extra diapers in her diaper bag. So there is not a lot of options and a couple times I have for lack of options risked it and not taken any extras...little scary...

    7.) The smell of Farts and poop aren't the goes away after a few seconds and the latter lingers and gets stronger...little embarrasing when you are at a walmart standing inline waiting to pay for your purchases... poop in your diaper and mothers are checking their baby's and toddler's diapers because they smell poop and all you can think about is are any of them staring at me or am I just getting paranoid...

    8) long car trips: some may think... well I have a diaper so ill just use it and all is good...ummm...some times rest stops are far and few between( ever had the piss scared out of you because you are pulled over to the side of the road and trying to change your self with little cover besides the darkness of night and all of a sudden you are lit up with a flash light and the gruff words of a state patrol trooper asking you what in the lord you are doing...then having to admit to the ultimate manly man with a badge I'm changing my diaper do u mind??? Or had a family in a station wagon pull over and the dad got out to see if I needed help...won't go into details with this one but let's just say shock and awe was on his face and they didn't stay long)
    Plus ever tried to change in a rest stop bathroom sometimes with all or most of the doors missing and sometimes very busy....

    9.)When you wear diapers 24/7 no matter how well you try to hide you are bound to slip up...and while your ultimate fantasy may be to be found out...when it actually me....its extremely awkward and embarrassing even if the person is cool about it....its a whole nother story with they don't hold back and say what's on their minds...they will embarrass you with out even trying...out of the mouth of are also from a height perspective in a better position to see stuff adult peers aren't...and the conclusion...not an easy thing to do explaining why you are wearing a diaper to an over curious kid or toddler....and more embarrassing in my opinion than dealing with adults...

    10) my diapers are paid for by my insurance but I still by out of pocket a favorite brand or two for a change and because I love the crinkle of plastic backed diapers....I have been doing it long enough that I don't feel like I'm having a heart attack but it still feels terribly awkward being a 27 year old man who looks healthy going down the adult diaper aisle which frequently is in the same aisle as the baby diapers and other baby items and half the time full of moms and their little ones and picking out my package...and then the wait inline...and the cashier who usually is 20-30 something female....and the usual phrase"is this everything? With a smile and I can feel shoppers in line behind me burning a hole right through me...and maybe the cashier thankfully doesn't come right out and ask me why a 27 year old man is buying adult diapers and maybe I do have a valid medical excuse and maybe I could tell the cashier its none of their business but its still awkward and I have been asked once or twice or three times....

    11.) Sleep overs as an adult don't get any easier than when you were a other explanation needed... Except awkward is an understatement for the feeling you get when you are changing your diaper in your friends bathroom and realize you didn't bring a plastic bag nor a good plan to dispose of it...

    12)drinking and being urinary and fecal incontinent...bad combo...lots of embarrassing stories...not fun...

    13.) I could keep going but I'm getting tired so ill leave this last one....being incontinent wearing diapers and being a parent...a parent to a 15 month old in diapers who will one day start potty training...uh any one care to offer any ideas to me as a single parent how I go about doing it...part of the potty training process is learning by example...modeling....for lack of a better word...can't exactly model for my daughter....

    Thank you for your patience in reading this...moral of the when you are in ab mode...but not neccesarily when adult life beckons you...
    Last edited by waslost1234abc; 29-Apr-2010 at 08:45. Reason: sorry about the wall of words...the victim of laziness and having a blackberry

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    Can you make a few line breaks? Har do read the text.

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    What tbchris is talking about with becoming incontinent here is NOT "mentally retraining" yourself. Just trying to use those techniques as far as anyone has ever said is not one that ever works for becoming incontinent. Instead, it is a matter of creating physical or neurological damage that is real and permanent, not to mention that it is often irreversible. Should we sit here and tell these people that oh yes, incontinence is a wonderful, lovely lifestyle, and then sit by while they permanently hurt themselves? After all, if their "decisions happen to be bad, let them learn from it." Right?
    I understand what your saying but how using diaper 24/7 going cuase physical or neurological damage to your body . it not like your force self to go you just go when need to and body will get used to this make easier to use diaper you will not lose full control those bladder may get little weak. But as for hurnting self to get this no way don't go there ever I would never tell anyone do that would suggest get help.

    Now if your talking of neurological damage to your body by using diaper a lot I don't see how you can alway keep bladder stronge by just using diaper like you would normal if had go to batroom but force yourslef to go trying retain your self yes see this happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    I understand what your saying but how using diaper 24/7 going cuase physical or neurological damage to your body . it not like your force self to go you just go when need to and body will get used to this make easier to use diaper you will not lose full control those bladder may get little weak. But as for hurnting self to get this no way don't go there ever I would never tell anyone do that would suggest get help.

    Now if your talking of neurological damage to your body by using diaper a lot I don't see how you can alway keep bladder stronge by just using diaper like you would normal if had go to batroom but force yourslef to go trying retain your self yes see this happening.
    Babylife, this was exactly my point, and I hope it comes through crystal clear for those moronic people who come here and ask, "what can I do to make myself incontinent?"

    You can teach yourself to relax and get used to using a diaper, making it easier to use them. However, you still do not lose full control. Losing full control requires either actual physical or neurological harm--get to a psychologist first before doing that to yourself.

    Thank you. You hit this one dead on and I applaud you!

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