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Thread: Cloth diapers, pins, rubber pants

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    I was a mix of disposables and cloth. Once I move out I am going to be signing up for a local cloth diaper service that does both adult, and child diapers.

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    I was brought up in terry nappies and plastic pants. Because I was a chronic bedwetter as a child I wore them at night long after I was out of them during the day. I still sleep in them as an adult because I still wet the bed.

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    I was raised in cloth and rubber. I'm the youngest of seven and my oldest sister often teases about how she used to change my diaper and how "back then they were cloth!". I find it odd because I prefer disposables now. I have some cloth diapers and plastic pants that I bought cuz I thought I might enjoy them more, but I use them rarely and only for the novelty. I think this presents a rare argument against regression as a cause of my DLism. I personally favor dispos, but they didn't exist when I was a baby!

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    My Mom specifically used cloth diapers and plastic pants that eas the standard when I was a kid. I still like them to this day but mainly use disposables these days.

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    I was raised in cloth diapers... my parents were cheap, and I recall finding that cloth was a lot more comfortable. Occasionally, we'd travel such that I had to use disposables, and they always chafed around the edges. Maybe disposables are better now... I haven't used anything but Depends, and those really suck.

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    born and raised.
    and i'm wondering, as there seems to be more talk of trad diapers, if it doesn't have something to do with the design changes to recent dispies (cloth-like junk, trim-fit, etc)?

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    Me to and I still wear them at night because I wet the bed.

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