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Thread: New Bambino Diaper!

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    We're looking for distributors in the following countries/regions:
    - Canada
    - UK
    - Northern Continental Europe (Germany/France/Denmark/Scandanavia)
    - Southern Continental Europe (Italy/Spain/Portugal)
    - Mexico/Latin America
    - Japan
    - Australia
    Sorry, probably not, but they're looking for distributors.

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    Hmmmmm, they still haven't found a distributors in Canada yet.... *sighs*

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    Exclamation A little hello....and answering a few questions

    Hi everyone,
    I hope all's well.

    A few answers to questions that have been circulating around here for a bit:
    1) We do all of the manufacturing on our own, and we actually receive CONTAINERS, not pallets, of our products to our distribution warehouse (in Northern California). We don't slap labels on other diapers; we aren't simply a Secure X-Plus diaper with a better sticker (or, in the case of our new all-white Bambino Bianco, a clear white panel). Our products are much more absorbent than the best adult diapers out there - try comparing us to Abena, Secure X-Plus, Molicare or others!
    2) We are represented by a company in Europe - see www(dot)dldirect(dot)eu.
    3) Official Canadian distribution is going to be announced shortly (ahem, hint, by Easter!). For now, and even then, you can find the product on our website and we will ship via DHL to your location. It costs a bit more for shipping, but we get it to you discreetly, quickly, and, actually economically. Have YOU ever tried to ship a 25 pound package of diapers...? It gets spendy fast.
    4) Any other questions, we invite you to contact us via our website, or try to post some more here.... I'll respond as best as possible, but, running a business, sending out orders, etc etc.... there's a lot to do. Please forgive me if we are slow in responding here.


    ps - Darkfinn, check your email....

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    I would love to try these, but...

    They are just too goddamn expensive. OH well, its on the to do list.

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    These diapers are expensive: YES
    But hey, I love 'em anyway!

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    Got your message Bambino... I appreciate the contact.

    I believe everything is straightened out now.

    Looking forward to getting the new cases.


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    YAYS *jumps up and down all excited* You guys are coming to Canada, I can totally wait till Easter!!!

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    I've been in contact with Bambino over a shipment issue and I'm happy to say they were great about keeping in contact. There was an issue with what serviced I paid them to ship with. I needed them to ship General Delivery to a local post office but as it turns out I needed to have them ship with USPS Priority. Literally within minutes of me emailing them I got a response and the extra costs were paid on PayPal within the next 10 minutes. Can't wait till they get here!

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    Glad to hear things worked out for ya!

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    -Bambino Diapers-

    This is what happens when Toddlers make Diapers!

    AVAILABLE NOW: Limited Quantities of the CRAZY BAMBINO Diaper! Size MEDIUM ONLY! CASES Only!

    A little over a year ago, we set out to make the best adult baby diaper ever created. Working with a list of desired features - super absorbency, playful design, no wetness indicator, refastenable frontal panel, and more - we created a limited quantity of a prototype for what would become the Bambino Classico Diaper. Our manufacturing partners sent us about 200 cases of the CRAZY BAMBINO - a fully-functional, lightly scented, super absorbent prototype for the best adult baby diaper ever made!

    Here are the full details of this excellent Crazy Bambino Diaper!
    - 48 diapers per case of MEDIUM size only (hip/waist: 32-44)
    - Same super-absorbency of our Bambino Classico Diaper
    - Unique 'Crazy Bambino' frontal panel artwork - each diaper is individual!
    - 2 tapes per side; fully refastenable frontal landing zone
    - All white plastic backing
    - Stretch foam waist
    - Lightly scented
    - Prices include FREE discreet shipping!

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