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Thread: Video: Diapered Teacher getting pantsed

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    Default Video: Diapered Teacher getting pantsed

    Just found this video, the teacher is wearing a diaper!

    Teacher Gets Pantsed video clip - Stupid videos -

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    Note to self: if I ever become a school teacher, never, ever, ever, ever wear on a school day... >_>


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    or at least wear a belt, but I would guess that the kid got suspending or charges against him for that. Sure not worth it just to find out if the teacher really does wear diapers

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    I laughed.

    I'd press sexual charges.

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    The video quality is horrible. Are we sure that it is a diaper?

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    It is probably just a tighty-whitey..

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    I dunno I think it very well could be a diaper, but you are right it is hard to tell

    I will just settle for wishful thinking *crosses fingers*

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    That kid had some serious balls. Poor teacher.

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    I still don't get what the appeal is behind doing something like this... boys...

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    Not all boys mind you.
    Even as a teen I would never have done something like this to anyone.

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