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Thread: Diapered with kids??

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    Sissy / LG


    This is something that should not be done in front of them. If you are going to wear them, then as everybody else in the thread has said, do it discretely with only you knowing about it. It is for your children, when they grow up to decide for themselves how they wish to live their lives and not have those decisions being influenced by feeling they have to wear diapers, or anything else for that matter because it pleases their father. Leave them grow up first, and when grown up, if you want to tell them, at least then they are old enough to decide for themselves what they want to do.

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    Diaper Lover
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    Not having kids myself, I am not an authority on the subject but here are my views

    I wear for the comfort/security/general good feeling that diapers give me.

    if I were to have kids I likely wouldn't stop wearing entirely (if I did I wouldn't be able to stand it and it would show in my family life as pent up frustration and resentment).
    but I wouldn't tell my kids.

    I would probably just wear at night, and early in the morning, basically acting as a bedwetter. if I am asked by younger kids, I would just say that adults wet the bed sometimes too, and I need to wear diapers. and leave it at that.

    in my opinion that is a lie, but not a wrong lie. if they wouldn't understand, then it is not a good idea to tell them.

    but as they get older and understand sexuality, I would say this. Don't lie, but don't volunteer information either. if asked point blank tell the truth, but if they don't ask directly don't say anything.

    I think that it might actually be damaging to older teens and adults if you don't talk about sexuality. you don't have to talk about your own kinks, but they should know and understand that there are a wide variety of sexual practices and that healthy sexuality, whatever form it takes, is never "wrong". they should also understand that there are barriers, people who you should and should not talk with about sexuality, depending on context.

    once they get older knowledge of these things may help them get a better handle on life. I personally spent a lot of time uncertain because sex was just never discussed in my house.

    if you are an open parent and they know you will not judge them, they will be much freer to come to you with questions, and tell you what is going on in their lives.

    in summary. Wear when appropriate, don't be an idiot. and you can't (and shouldn't) keep your kids in the dark forever, when they are old enough to understand you should help them and answer all their questions. be open about your life, and you will find others are more open to you

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    Thankyou everyone for your thoughts and experiences on the matter. I will absolutely do everything in my power to keep my diaper wearing between my wife and I. I agree with most of you that keeping it well hidden is the best option. Trojanman raises a good point; If I were to cut it away completely it would just impact my family in a negative way.
    Luckily I don't have to worry about kids at the moment, but there's a pretty good chance it will be very relevant in the not too distant future.

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    When I had kids, I was working a multi-state sales territory. It was a simple matter to indulge while on overnight road trips. They didn't know then, they don't know now. Personally, I think letting them in on it would have been odd, bordering on creepy.

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    I'm not a parent but heres my

    As a parent your their role model. To many young kids their dad is practically
    superhuman, he knows everything, is capable of amazing feats and there is pretty much no limit to the brilliant things that he can do. I don't think they start to lose that image of you until they reach adolescence, which is ironically the time when they really just need to take your word on some things.

    Either way, they probably don't want their world-view prematurely shattered with the revelation that dad enjoys dressing up as a baby and pooping in his diapers. You'll just have to try and find some quiet time when you can discretely wear for a little bit

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    No kids yet. I don't see anything wrong with wearing in front of your baby with no pants on but when they get to be about two, no more.

    I don't want to lie to my kids but they will find out soon or later I wear them. Kids snoop. I know I did and I found Christmas presents and birthday presents. I don't see how telling a child some people like to wear diapers because they like to is sexual. Lot of kids don't even have the desire to wear unless they are into it and I have found out they aren't going to care. I won't change in front of them or wear around them with no pants on. I won't let it be obvious I have one on. I don't want to give them up.

    I won't tell my kids I wear them until they find out and ask me about it. If they find out or it was obvious they saw them but didn't say anything, I won't say anything about it.

    We won't do baby play in front of our kids or wear the AB clothes unless it's Halloween. Halloween is only one time of the year where we can actually go out as AB. That's when I find it acceptable.

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    My wife and I raised three happy healthy children that are now adults.

    This subject is best broken up into two parts:

    1) The diapers
    2)The adult baby part

    The adult baby part will always be kept secret just as you would keep any part of your sex life secret from your kids.

    The diapers can be easily be dealt with as a medical issue.
    I have worn a diaper to bed nearly all of my kids life.
    When they are very young it won't be an issue, keep it discrete and it will be a long time before any suspisions arise.
    Eventually, they are going to get smart, teenagers are inquisitive and are trying to discover the secrets of the world, you can't keep it a secret forever if you purchase and wear diapers regularly.

    It is very likely that in a conversation a child will blurt out something about diapers to someone you are talking to.
    Most likely you can diffuse the comment by just playing ignorant. "I really don't know what he meant, Hmmm, kids."
    Something like this is likely to happen in the 8 to 12 year old range.
    This also presents an opportunity to teach your kids the value of discretion and empathy.
    Take them aside later and explain the concepts of privacy, ask them if they would like it if someone ran around telling their secrets to the world.
    Explain that some people have medical problems that they must deal with, and it is not nice to make fun of other peoples problems. It could be you one day.

    Remember, diapers are not bad, many many people need to wear them for medical reasons. For instance almost everyone you see in a wheelchair will be wearing a diaper.
    Wearing a diaper is not something you just go and tell your children about, but sooner or later questions will arise.

    I am sure all my kids know that I wear a diaper to bed, even though they have never seen me in a diaper,...... well not without clothes anyway.
    They know that this is a private subject, just like any medical issue, and compassion is how respectfull people respond to difficult circumstances of others.

    If you don't treat it like a big deal, but just a normal part of some peoples life, that's how your kids will view it as well.
    Hopefully, you will end up with adults who understand that many people have problems in their life that they must deal with and judgement is not heplfull to anyone.

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