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Thread: Diaper Memories

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    When I was little, about 4 or 5, I remember wearing diapers while playing SNES and Super Mario World with my dad. I also remember that I never really liked potty-training, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higher Than Hope View Post
    When I was alot younger, I used to go to this lady's house to get babysat. We were playing a "house" sort of game or something, and I asked the babysitter if I could put on a diaper. She said no, but I did it anyway and got in trouble.
    One diaper memory I have was also while playing "house" but in kindergarden and I was going to play the baby and I remember how I and the other kids where trying to convince the ones that worked there to let me put on an actual diaper and was almost pleading but they didnt let us.

    When I was 8 and was at a friends house who recently gotten a baby sister and I remember while I was in his bathroom I tried to steal one diaper but was so nervous I didnt.

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    I have alot of very vivid memories. The first time I really took notice of diapers was when i was about five and found one of my sister's Huggies in my mom's car and put it on. I also remember the daycare I was at when I was about eight had two girls that always wore diapers to bed, one was a year younger the other two years. I know they wore them during the day also because if they got in trouble their parents would send them to their room and tell them to get a diaper on. I guess it was in case they fell asleep while on punishment but was never sure.

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    I was a bedwetter up until last year, so diapers were second nature when I was a little kid. I didn't really think about *B/DL stuff consciously back then. The most vivid memory I have of early childhood feelings about it was when I was around 6. We were in North Dakota, staying at my grandmother's house for a family reunion. One of my cousins was still in diapers at the time, and my aunt had accidentally left an unused diaper on the living room floor. I was wearing diapers to bed every night at this point, but never thought about wearing them in the day until then. I thought about stealing it and putting it on, but my parents were in the other room, and my older brother was playing a Game Boy just feet away from where the diaper was.

    I didn't think about the instance again until I was 11 and actively seeking out more information on *B/DL.

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    Ah i can remember it like it was yesterday. Actually it was last October. When i was hospitalized and the medications caused me to wet the bed again. I had a problem in the past with antidepresant medications but that was once every month or so. But ever since I was hospitalized I have a need (and a rash). But before that, probably when I was five when i was visiting my grandma with my family one night and my brother and I wanted to get into the hottub. I wore my undies in and we left right after that and my parents gave me the option, wear one of my bros diapers or go nude. I chose to cover up. It felt weird tho.

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    I was about 6. I still wet the bed at the time and wore diapers every evening, but like Dynomite, I had never really thought about wearing them during the day. But one time, my parents were gone and we had a babysitter. I remember my older bro and sis were going out in the neighborhood and for some reason they didn't want their little brother tagging long. I told them I'd stay at the house if they put a diaper on me (who knows what I was thinking). So, my babysitter put a diaper on me (which was nothing out of the ordinary because he had to do it when I went to bed like two times a week. My parents were gone a lot and we were babysat a couple times a week), but I remember he put it on over my shorts (which doesn't make sense to me as I sit here and think about it, but, then, a lot of things 6 year olds do dont make sense) and out they went for like twenty minutes, and I sat there in the living room, happy as a clam, diaper on, 'till they came back. Wonder what they all, my bro and sis and babysitter, thought about me at that point...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey94 View Post
    does anyone about age 13-16 or so remember the Drypers? in 1997 they had Crayon desgins, then from 1998 until 2000 they had Sesame Street designs, then in 2000 i remember my little sisters diapers were circus designs
    I remember the crayon ones. I had a few not too long ago.

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    Oh, geez, where to start...

    I remember being very young and having a memory of being on my patio, using a diaper. I was maybe two at the time... I dunno. From then on, I don't remember anything from the time when I actually needed them.

    I do have a lot of memories of afterward, though. Taking diapers from my babysitter's and sneaking them home to wear them later, at about four years old... or putting one on at my grandparents', wearing it home. That was when I was maybe six or seven. I liked them before I was old enough to think about it. It was just something I liked that other people didn't, that should be kept a secret.

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    My first memory of diapers was when I was about 3 or so. I remember that I was playing in our family room one night and my parents diapered me for some reason. I don't remember why, I just remember wearing a diaper and a t shirt. I don't think that I wanted to be diapered.

    My first memory of wanting to be in diapers is a few years later. I remember that there were a few disposables on the top shelf of my closet. I remember wanting to wear them but I never asked to wear them and they were out of my reach.

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    I remember being changed by my mom 3 times. Two of them were on my changing table and one was when I was in the hospital for another eye surgery. I remember my dad changing me twice. I remember being changed at daycare 3 times and I remember my grandma changing me once.

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