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Thread: Diaper Memories

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    Extra Fluff and Everyone,
    Although growing up my family was anti-disposable, simply because I wore diapers so often I noticed and read print ads for Pampers. The year (June 1976 to May 1977) we lived in Davenport, Iowa I am sure there were TV commercials for Pampers, perhaps also for Huggies.

    I was accepted to a university early in 1981, by which time I absolutely needed diapers every night. Nothing in the information packet mentioned coin washers in the dorms. That was when I started asking about adult disposables. My urology nurse showed me ads in medical publications for Attends. They were similar in concept and art work to the one Extra Fluff so generously shared. For the medical ads the copy was more technical. That summer Mom told me she had seen Attends ads in ladies magazines. So when I admitted to Mom that I had concluded I would need Attends for the dorm, Mom answered that she understood and supported my choice.

    See, those simple print ads with the line illustrations were effective. Then later the adorable June Allyson started doing those TV commercials for Depend. I do not remember seeing any Attends TV commercials, but during my university and law school years I did not have a TV.

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    Angela -- The Attends ad I posted was from around '88 or '89. EBay actually had several vintage adult diaper ads from the '80s and '90s and while I didn't buy the actual ads, I did copy the photos. Perhaps I'll put them on this board in a separate post sometime. I also recall the Depend commercials as well as some for Serenity pads. One of the latter I liked involved an older woman going up to hug her kids and shying away. The voiceover went something like "Afraid of close hugs? You would be too if you were wearing a diaper." It then went on to describe the discreetness of pads as opposed to bulky diapers.

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    My parents had a couple good friends who had a kid about five years younger than me who was still in diapers when I was about 7. I found one of his diapers sitting on top of a trash can, took it into my bedroom, and very nervously pulled my pants down and put it on myself. It barely fit me, but I did manage to get it taped shut. I pulled my pants up over it, went upstairs into one of the spare bedrooms where I had all my toys, locked the door, took my shirt and pants off, and played around in just that diaper. I enjoyed it, so I tried to sneak the diaper back into my bedroom and hide it under my bed. My mother found it, told me "you're 7 years old, you don't need to be wearing diapers anymore", and threw it away. That was the last time I ever got to wear an actual baby diaper, but I was glad just to get to enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Well for me it started out when i was 5. This was when my little brother was just born and we had diapers in my mom and dads room. I when in and got half way into puting it on over my pants when my grandma came in and was like ,"what are you doing?" I ran off and that was that. My first true experence was when i was 7 and I wet the bed. I would put diapers on like a babys diaper and go to bed. Alot of those times i would question myself why. But now i know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraFluff View Post
    When I entered puberty I found out about adult diapers from Depend commercials and women's magazine ads from around the home.
    When I was a kid my dad always got Reader's Digest. I used to flip through them reading bits and pieces. I remember there was always a Depends ad in each issue and they were a big turn on for me.

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    one of My first expereinces with diapers was when I was 9 years old and my neice who was 4 and still wore pullups was going to be babysat and she had to sleep in my room so her pullups were set on my dresser and when no one was looking I took a few and put them between the matresses of my bed I didn't try them on till about a week later though

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    When I was alot younger, I used to go to this lady's house to get babysat. We were playing a "house" sort of game or something, and I asked the babysitter if I could put on a diaper. She said no, but I did it anyway and got in trouble.

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    Yep, AAO, Reader's Digest was also a magazine in which I found adult diaper ads. In fact, I believe the Attends ad I mentioned above with the drawing of the fully diapered woman (in three positions -- laying down, getting up and standing -- not just two like I had said) was in Reader's Digest. From time to time I'll look in current issues of that magazine in the library and they still have ads for bladder control protection, usually the "protective underwear". Of course this is because their readership is mostly older and would be more likely to use bladder protection.

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    I think my earliest diaper memory was when I was still in diapers (I forgot what age, probably 2). For some odd reason my mom kept a pack of diapers in the bathroom after bathtime. One day I dragged them out of the bathroom and out in the living room and I kept running around with the pack. I guess its because I wanted to be in a diaper ad.

    As for *B related though. When I was 7 or 8 I always stared at the packs of diapers in the diaper aisle whenever I went shopping with my mom. I also snagged diapers out of my cousin's diaper bags when they were diaper aged, that was when my mom busted me the first time when I was 11. The feeling has always been natural for me though.

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    i have a TON of diaper memories, and the recent ones are from 3 years ago, when i was 12. for some reason someone forgot their backpack or something at my house, and there were 2 adult pull-on diapers in the front pocket. i quickly stole one and tried it on in my room. i had it for months( it was kinda big on me), and i even tore the sides, to try to make a tape-style diaper, which did not work out too well. eventually the diaper got old and stale, and i had to throw it away. since then i have not seen any diapers whatsoever. i made some homeade ones, but they were more like pads instead of diapers. they were made of paper towels and toilet paper taped together. but they failed

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