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Thread: How to get a Doctor to prescribe diapers...

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    Yeah I'm going to go with the general concensus on this one.

    Your doctor will say "why do you need diapers?" And you answer is? "I pee myself uncontroably"

    At that point the doctor will look to see what's wrong inside, will prescribe medecations first, and probably as a last resort actually write a prescription for diapers.

    I personally wear them for fun, and I don't do it all the time, so for me $30-$40 every couple of months on diapers is fine for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapejuice View Post
    Tried asking docs to prescribe diapers, they didnt and wont
    Yea mate but asking a doctor for a prescription of "diapers" (nappies ftw) isn't going to work

    I guess it's got to look like your situation is bad, and you can't afford anything else...

    That gives me a idea, speak on msn tonight about it

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    just remember.. i dont think he was THAT serious but i sppose its best to make sure EXACTLy where boundaries lie.

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    Ya, in Australia, if you're diagnosed by a doctor as needing incontinence supplies, they set you up an account with the incontinence foundation and you get $430 of free continence supplies a year. If you did that here and they found out, you'd be in big, big trouble.

    Personally, I'd much rather be out of pocket $150-$200 a year (1 packet every 2-3 months @ $35ish a packet) than fuck about getting tests and prescriptions and have this as a mark on my permanent medical history forever and have the government find out and track me down.

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    Doctors write prescriptions for things you cannot get 'over the counter'. Even then, there is no guarantee that insurance will pay for any given prescription. I can't see a dr writing a prescription for diapers and more than I could see him writing a prescription for Kotex Maxi Pads...

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    Back ground first:
    I am a 30ish year old male with an over active, undersized bladder & bowel, don't know how I got it, but have had it my whole life. If I had to go, I had to go now, of course leading to a more than a few embarrassing accidents and yelling 'pull the car over' on trips. Got though most of my life without using protection, and never telling my then doctor and parents about the constant pain and discomfort. For the past several years I've been buying and wearing diapers as needed, long trips, etc. But as most people here know its get expensive, and like a lot of people we are on a tight budget. Anyway.... (oh, and I apologize ahead of time for spelling)

    A couple of months ago I went in to the doctors and said, almost word for word here: "uh, I was wondering if you could help us out,(wife was with me at the time), would it be possible to get a presciption for incontinence products", and of course she asks why, "well, i've had this little issue my whole life, and this is the first time i've said anything, its just starting to get very annoying, with having a real hard time holding my, uh, bodily functions, exspeically during long trips and outings where there is no facilities nearby." Went on explaining about the pain and discomfort, late potty training, occasional accidents (front and back), etc. Right there and then she wrote me a script with a diagnoses on it "adult urge incontinence" (the diagnoses is all the ins. company wants), but also that she would want to look into some tests, exspecally postate issues. And since then I have been submiting approx. 150 bucks a month for diapers, pads, boosters, cloth etc. with no problems to my insurence. Now technically, I don't need them, but they improve my quality of life significatly, not having to get up in the middle of the night running to the bathroom, barely making it, constantly pulling the car over every hour, or keep looking around to see if a washroom is nearby. Advice, be up front with your doctor, if you need them medically, or you think that they would improve your quality of life (have good reasons though), or just want them, you might be surprised.

    Sorry about the long life story, but since topic resently came up for me, I thought I would share.

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    I have worked a a chain drug store for many years. I have actually seen several scrips for diapers. Never have I once seen on bill through insurance. Most insurance companies will not pay for anything that you can buy over the counter. (OTC) Since you can buy diapers OTC they won't pay for them... Of course if you are on some sort of government play they may pay for them. They seem to cover everything from aspirin to condoms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeiNei View Post
    The only way? Become incontinent.

    Bad idea, though! REALLY BAD!
    yea, more cons than there is pros to becoming incontinent

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