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Thread: Communion Diapers???

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    Quote Originally Posted by olliecub View Post
    There's bee a few websites where someone recommends parents to diaper their kids of a certain age or under regardless of their potty training level if they are going to disneyland. There's even a rumor somewhere that it's recommended by Disney for some reason or another. Most often long lines for rides and bathrooms.

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    i went to disney diapered.....

    well i had pullups for the night, but i chose to wear them in the day. age 7

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    1. Why is renegade a newbie now?

    2. Total fap material. Besides, I'd think that they wouldn't be wearing plastic pants, since that's a pretty recent invention.,

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    I was raised Catholic, even took some theology classes in college to fill humanities requirements (it was better than sitting in Sociology 101 with freshman jocks). Nothing remotely like this ever came up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiaperLines View Post
    I just came across a few articles that talked about some catholic parishes that request that girls, including teens, wear cloth diapers and plastic pants along with white tights under their dress when recieving their first holy communion. Apparently it is supposed to symbolize purity. I read a couple of testimonies of girls that have done this. Is this b.s., or is there some truth to it??? I think it is a little bizarre. Im not Catholic, but I would wonder about my priest suggesting such a thing.
    It's bs. I looked into this a while ago. All those articles and stories you read about are all written by the exact same person, every time.
    Behold the top results for a google search of "communion diapers":

    From: The Advice Group : Discussions : first holy communion traditions -- Groups Chicago
    Date: September 6, 2008

    i am the mom of two teens,amanda 15 and aaron 13.they made their first communions last may at our parrish[they were 14 and 12 at the time].after 2moves,illness and family problems it fiannaly happened.our parrish has traditions for first communion that parents are expected to follow and if they dont they are snubbed.even tho i didnt agree with them we followed them any way to save face.aaron wore the traditional suit and tie and amanda wore the white dress,veil,gloves,patent leather shoes and tights,it is a tradition for the girls to wear a white cloth diaper and plastic pants-a.k.a rubber pants under their tights to enhance their feeling of purity of when they were baptized.i did not want amanda to wear the diaper and rubber pants but felt pressure from the other moms to follow the tradition.i bought a package of the gerber cloth diapers in the 24x27 size at target and sewed them together to make one diaper.i found a pair of white rubber pants on the web in adult size.amanda felt weird during the ceremony having the diaper and rubber pants under her tights.every girl in their class wore the diaper and rubber pants under their tights and it was quite different.before the ceremony three moms lifted amandas dress up to see if she had the diaper and rubber pants on which i felt was very this the price a girl pays for following traditions even tho she didnt want to?

    From: WikiAnswers - Why do Catholic girls wear diapers under communion dresses
    Date: Unknown

    to answer the question about diapers under communion dresses.i am 20 years old and made my first holy communion later at 14.i wore the traditional white dress,veil.gloves shoes,cloth diaper,plastic pants and tights and under many parrishes it is a tradition for the girls to wear this underwear.the communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism out fit by many parrishes and parents so the diaper,rubberpants,tights and undershirt are worn to sybolize the girls purity of when they were baptized.i know of two parrisehes that require the girls to wear them and a few others where it is a some more strict catholic families the diaper,rubberpants,tights and undershirt are passed from girl to girl to wear for her communion.i just heard of two 14 year old girls who wore the diaper and rubberpants under their dresses last had tights,the other had lace cuff anklets.she had the diaper and rubberpants on under her dress with the under shirt.i know this may sound weird but its true and done in many parrishes thruout the us.

    From: cloth diapers and plastic pants under communion dresses - Topix
    (in fact, this whole thread is perverted. Read it; it's a place where a bunch of fetishists gathered)
    Date: December 28, 2008

    i know there might not be many catholic girls out there,if there are any have you did any one wear a diaper and plastic pants under your communion dress.i made my first communion at 15 and had to wear them under my dress so i would like to talk to any other teen girls who did also.

    From: The Institute for Cross-Dressing Punishment Some Cute Plastic Pants
    Date: February 8, 2009

    i am 19 and parents used both diaper and plastic pants and just plastic pants punishment on me.they started the diaper punishment on me when i was 14.we are catholic and i made my first communion at 13 and had to follow parrish requirements and wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my communion dress.after i turned 14 my parents started making me wear my communion diaper and plastic pants as punishment around the house.for serious offenses it was the full diaper and plastic pants,other offenses less serious it was just the plastic pants.i had to wear them to mass,to bed, parents used this punishment on me untill i was was especially embarrassing for me when i had to wear the diaper and plastic pants out on dates.i have a friend whose parents made her wear toddler plastic pants as punishment to a wedding when she was 16.

    From: My First Holy Communion Grassy Knoll Institute
    Date: September 13, 2008

    hi,i am 16 and made my first holy communion last may.i was 15 then.our parrish is very strict and hasrequirements the parents must follow.the girls have to wear a communion dress ,veil,gloves,tights ,cloth diaper,plastic pants,tee shirt and at 15 i made my first holy communion with baby underwear on under my was weird!

    in many parrishes the first communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism outfit the girls wore when they were baptized.our parrish requires the diapers and plastic pants at others it is a tradition for the is also a family tradition in some families.the diaper,plastic pants and tights are passed from one girl to the next and worn under the communion dress

    tina here,there were a set of twin girls,age 16,who were just baptized as infants at our parrish last sunday.they were dressed in white infant style gowns,bonnets ,booties,tights and had a diaper and plastic pants on under their tights.they each had a pacifier in their mouths and were picked up and held like babies to get the water on their heads.they looked very cute and babyish
    A little further down the page is Victoriah Nicole Little's response, whom is a prominent member of this fetish:

    Quote Originally Posted by Victoriah
    Tina, you are not for real. I have found your similar style posts on Wikianswers, Yahoo Answers, a Chicago Forum, and several other places. The typing style and language is WAY too similar not to be the same person. Your age is a lie, your story is a lie, and I dare say your sex is also a lie.

    For the record, I am a Reverend and have my MA in religious studies. I know the teachings of other religions and denominations. The Catholic Church does not require teenage girls to wear diapers, and you trying to start a rumor that they do is morally repugnant.

    Get your hormones back in check and leave these people out of your diaper fetishest fantasies!

    Furthermore, I grew up Catholic, and none of this was present in my parish. And I also highly doubt that the person posting these sick fantasies all over the internet is Catholic, or has any knowledge of catholicism. Children usually get their First Communion at the age of 7-8, and yet in all these stories the girls are either 14 or 15 years old, which is very uncommon because First Communion is supposed to be taken when the child becomes morally responsible for his/her actions. Plus, you'll notice that all these stories are posted over the course of late 2008-early 2009.

    So there you go; it's a fake.

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    I remember coming across these articles. I don't think I posted it here but it is a myth.

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    If you want to detect fake, perv material, it's easy. They usually focus on the diaper and elaborate more on it compared to the rest. Easy giveaway.

    Normally, when non interested mention diaper, is very breafly with little to no details, as it's a rather boring and disgusting thing usually.

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    Wasn't there a member here named Amanda who claimed to wear communion diapers?
    *scurries off to find the thread*

    hi my name is amanda and i am 16.i wear cloth diapers and plastic pants because i wet the bed and i also like mom puts them on me every night at bed just like i was a baby.i have had the best luck with the cloth diapers and plastic pants and would recommend them to every one.i like wearing them under dresses to mass and around the house.i also wear them for the holidays.they make me feel feel little girlish when i wear them.last may i was confirmed at our parrish and had to wear a white formal dress,veil,lace anklets and shoes.i wore a diaper and plastic pants under the dress and felt very girlish and pure.i feel girls should wear diaper and plastic pants for special occasions such as first communions,weddings etc.
    But yes , regarding the subject I have never heard about it. It's BS.

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    I have gone to churches all my life, and have had some links with Catholic Churches. I'd never heard of this until reading it here. The very idea of it is nauseating and I very much hope there is no reality in it. It has been known that bad characters sometimes work their way into positions of trust and responsibility where they do much damage. But, even if this Communion-nappy thing had happened in the past in some obscure cult, there is absolutely no way this is anything near representative of any Christian theology nor tradition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Sort of like Disney world recommending parents diapering their 10 year olds?

    No way... these things just HAVE to be true!
    I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not...

    I've read information from a number of theme parks that reccomends diapers or pullups for children under the age of 13 or so... and it does make a lot of sense. If you've never been to one of these places (especially Disney), most lines are an hour long... some can stretch for 2-3 hours depending on the activity. Then you have the ride itself, which is another 15-30 mins in many cases. The last thing any parent wants is to be 30 minutes into the wait and hear "Mommy, I hafta go potty!" so some sort of protection is a logical choice. The parents and children will enjoy their time a lot more if they don't have to worry about bursting bladders.

    That all circles back into my "diapers have utilitarian purposes" logic.

    There are many situations in which it pays to be diapered... places and times where facilities are either not clean or not convenient. Any kind of mass public gathering... sporting events, concerts, festivals & etc. (anywhere there is a porta-potty), also road trips. It can pay off at shopping malls and theatres too.

    It's not always about doing it for fun or for the kinks... it's just nice to grin and keep on walking every time you see a mile-long line for the toilets.

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