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  1. Moving again

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    I [email protected] hate life
  2. This is NOT the only side of me? #9: Just an update about life, jobs, and......... something new. (a plastic sheet)

    Well I have not done any of these blogs in quite awhile now I will try to keep it brief and short since this s only an update one.

    first my life right now is going pretty decent I have no complaints but a new thing has happen I may have found a job so I am looking forward to that.

    just a retail job really nothing special but it is to me means I get to go back to work and making money so I can buy things possibly some ABDL things in the near future.

    So ...
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  3. My week home alone.

    My wife and child went upstate to visit family this week. I had to stay home and work. To be honest I am very happy with that decision. It has been almost a year since my last alone diaper time. I miss it.

    My wife recently quit her job. Since she is home all of the time, I get no opportunities to indulge. Hiding is more complicated now. When she was working, her attention was elsewhere. hiding spots around the house were easy to keep. She has tried to combat boredom by re-organizing ...
  4. First post was a bit of a buffer... Here's a vent post because why not? It's helpful for me to put things into words

    I can't sleep at night. I cry where no one can see me. I'm hurting and really just done with people bad mouthing me behind my back. I'm going through a lot right now and it's been challenging to deal with. People either over react, under react, or they don't care at all. Why is there no in between? I have a few friends who don't feel like they have to tread carefully around me and I'm grateful for it. I have a hard time asking for help... Not out of pride (I have no pride in myself) but out of fear ...
  5. Has it really been a whole month?

    It feels like I haven't been gone long... but I guess it has been a month.

    Update, I have my own place with wifi, my wife got a job, I live near friends, and I feel... still meh at best. I'm still working hard to improve my mental health but it's a challenge. I hope things are going okay for the rest of you.

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