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  1. i'm out.

    I'm sick of this bullshit, I'm going to off myself sunday, no going back, I've fucking had this abuse, I'm so fucking sick of it, I should of jumped in front of the train in high school.

    It's so fucking unfair, why give birth to someone if you're going to abuse them all the time, to the point they feel shit.

    Fuck this bullshit, fuck the planet, society has fucking ruined everything for the future generation, I can't progress in life with this fucking debt my parents ...
  2. Diaper sighting stories # 1

    So weirdly enough I have had a lot of diaper sightings and have decided to she them with you. I did go to a special need school because when I was younger *I was technically special but maybe at the age if 12 with my specials need were no more I for some reason stayed there. I dunno. It was the stupidest thing that could of ever happen but I'm not here to complain. There was a group of people in that school with the same problem being "Why the fuck am I here" So I hanged out with them ...
  3. staying diapered while on vacation

    Last time I traveled with diapers was a 5 day vacation. I packed a second suitcase just for diapers. Count your days and pack what you need, and add a few extra. I was going to be there for 5 days / 4 nights, so I packed 4 safari and a space for nights, plus 6x2 preschool for daytime wear. I also packed a construction drum liner, air freshener, talc, lotion, and a roll of duct tape, as well as a box of 1gal ziplocs. (you may want to pick something special for your return trip home too, I ended up ...
  4. My Update

    I havent been on here in a while but here an update on everything.Everythings good,currently looking for a house with my family beacuse we are moving.Just a couple of days ago my baby got a promotion at work he was really happy and I was really happy for him because he is a really hardworking person and he deserved it.Right now Me and my Fiance are in a really good place in our relationship and we are both really happy.We have little space about 3 times a week and im not gonna lie I think I might ...
  5. Package arrived!!

    Eeeee!! I am soooo excited, yesterday while I was at work my package of diaper fabric arrived and I stayed up wayyy too late looking and touching it. I almost have everything I need to start sewing my own diapers!! everything is in different colors and prints it's soo pretty!

    Boy was it heavy I now have:
    6 yards of PUL
    5 yards of minky
    3 yards of super heavy bamboo fleece (this where most of the weight came from)
    Yards and yards of elastic
    And ...
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