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  1. My current life

    My life the past 5 months have been nothing short of rough.

    Mainly because I started a second job to help pay off old debts and get my life financially back on track. My primary job isn't chopped liver - it just wasn't enough to fix things and change my life fast enough.

    So for these months I've been doing:

    Chocolate factory - Refining $18.80 an hour.
    Assistant Manager (Can't name the store.) - $10.00 an hour.

    I've had about 3 or ...
  2. Getting rid of some more dolls

    I have had a lot of luck finding dolls at garage sales this summer and my collection has grown. This weekend mommy decided it was time to get the playroom back into shape and find a place for everything. Of course once all the shelves were full I still had quite a few dolls with no home so mommy got out some garbage bags and a broken Rubbermaid container and we started decluttering the rest. This afternoon the garbage man came and took them away. I always have mixed feelings during our cleanouts ...
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