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  1. Has anyone see this before?

    Hey i saw this neat image of a really cute 'outfit' online in my search for something cute. This is what i found. Heres a link you can copy and paste.

    But i haven't found if this is real our if there is any place that is sold. Maybe someone can help me find it. That be very helpful. Thank you.
  2. how it started

    hey so my name is chole and i want to share why i wet my self ...

    so when i was about 13 me my mum and sister was going to Scotland to see my nan .well about half i got the feeling that i had to pee so i told my mum and she said "try to hold babe it shoulder be much longer till we stop for some for lunch " so i held and held and held and my sister stared poking me in the ribs about 20 minets later i told my mum "i cant hold it and i think am going to pee" she said ...
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