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  1. Standing Alive

    It's a great feeling when you can accept a partner with ABDL tendency's but it's even better when you can play a part in their ABDL tendancies. My question is to anyone that wishes to answer but does that make me a amateur ABDL???

  2. Creeper.

    Greaaat. My next door neighbor is an old creeper.

    Let me tell you about this guy.

    It started when my mail went missing. I'd ordered a simple black diaper from Ecoable, and it had not arrived. In fact it was so late I'd taken action with the vendor. Turns out it had come to that guy, and though he had not opened the package he's spent the time... Fondling it.

    He knocked on my door once day and gave me my package. He flirted constantly, even though I ...
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  3. Reconciliation

    Fact: I like diapers.

    Fact: I have problems with incontinence.

    These two facts about me are things that do not seem like they should go together. But then again, people are made out of contradictions. There's no reason why this shouldn't be one of them.

    I have had problems with wetting the bed since way back. Like, way way back. Even in high school, when this "should" (quotes because of the way I was treated by family for ...
  4. Trying new things

    At the start of this week, I decided to diaper train myself. I'm only on the first step: sitting on the toilet without pulling my diaper down. It feels soo good when I do that. Then, I change myself now using scented baby powder. The one I was using before was shower to shower body powder, I hardly felt anything with that brand. But with the scented powder (Johnson's baby powder), I can really feel the baby inside me.

    On another note, I completed my internship with Mercy last month, ...
  5. Tomorrow Marks 3 months.

    Well, tomorrow is my 3 months HRT.

    So far, my boobs have gotten smaller, but they'll get bigger too it's part of the growth cycle.
    I'm getting more "female emotions"
    I'm eating tons more and I can't help it
    And my constipation was cured

    I'll be going for a while, sorry for any pain I may have caused. who knows if I come back or not.

    I may vanish forever. who knows, do i really want to be here, not really.

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