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  1. Cthulhu's last day in London, day 7 (Thursday)

    So, the last day of my diaper adventure in London.
    The Bambino Bellissimo that i wore to bed was, to my suprise, not very full at all. I guess the width in the crotch makes it super absorbent. I was gong to go to the Hampton court palace today, but the weather wasn't nice at all in the morning and midday (Partly rain). So i stayed in my room until about 12AM. I had a BM and then changed into an M4 before going to have breakfast.

    I had some diaper supplies that i wasn't going ...
  2. The day before my birthday

    Yay! It's my (pretend) birthday tomorrow, and now my mummy is going to wrap my gifts. Last year she did this while I was locked in my playpen in another room, but as I'm a big boy this year and out of diapers I'm going to be in the room while she does it. Come on, she tells me, playtime over, let's put that play-doh away, it's prezzy wrapping time. Sit in that chair, the one with arms and long legs; I am lifted in and my feet are not touching the ground. As if from nowhere, mummy has the nasty ...
  3. Cthulhu in London, day 6 (Wednesday)

    Today was the day that i ran out of thing to do in London. Things that i had planned at least. There were a couple mildly interesting things that i could go and see just to have something to do, so i thought i would do that. I changed into a Tena and plastic pants after the morning shower.
    After yesterdays incident in the breakfast room, i didn't feel like eating there. So i went to a store nearby and bought a sandwich instead, and ate in my room. I had a BM in the store (don't worry, there ...
  4. Cthulhu in London, day 5 (Tuesday)

    I woke up before the alarm today, but went up just after 8AM. I took off the boosted Betterdry which wasn't even close to full, but it's nice with some thickness at night even if you don't need it :) I showered and put on an M4, and went down for breakfast. Halfway through my sandwich as i went to get some more juice, an ''accident'' happened that i won't describe in detail, but it didn't really go to plan. No one noticed in any way, but they might have wondered why i suddenly hurried out of the ...
  5. Finding a Soulmate is Tough in These Times!

    I wasn't sure whether or not to create this post because I have not revealed this to very many people, however after reading and responding to JadeDL's new topic "My boyfriend is super supportive and I love it! <3" I thought I might share my thoughts on the subject.

    Before I get started, by the way, is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anyone share my feelings and wish to respond? No answers or even comments to any of my blog posts since the 12th of July.
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