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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#564

    I still love Christmastime.
    But as I mentioned yesterday, my Mom while alive was a "Party Pooper" about it for decades, due to her mental-illness issues, and being ostracized by her own family.
    My brother and I, along with our late Dad were also ostracized by Mom's family, via guilt by association.
    I enjoy the Christmas Lights, and the Music.
    As for gifts, my brother and I do not need much.
    We two have enough in life.
    At my age of 60, I ditched the commercialization ...
  2. Transformation from DL to AB

    Over the last year my life has been stressful and Iíve had health problems (diagnosed coeliac in June ) ,
    Over this time diapers have help a lot and also were a saviour before my diagnosis due to the fact I would go number 2ís a lot during this time I notice an increased desire for paci and more babyish clothes ,
    Itís now in the last month got so strong Iíve brought shortalls ,overalls , onesie T shirts , bottles , colouring books, plushies and even childish pattern socks and ...
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