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  1. Leave it to me.

    Only I can lacerate my eye just getting out of bed.

    Yes I scratched/cut my left eye trying to take my bipap mask off. Some how I hit myself in the left eye and cut the eyeball. It hurt like hell and I tried to rinse the eye.

    IT hurt for a while then was ok. A little while later it started to hurt again. I got my eye to tear a lot and it stopped. This happened two more times. My wife looked at it and said it looked like there was a film of some kind in there. I irrigated ...
  2. Closets

    I've come out of a lot of closets.

    There was the regular closet, which my folks largely think can change (incoming plot twist)

    There's the gender closet ó making a twist of "if I'm genderqueer NONE of my relationships would technically be straight"

    There's the broom closet ó I'm a hard polytheistic pagan Witch, which really didn't go over well with the family (it went over worse than being queer, actually)

    And then there's ...
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  3. Vivid Experiences

    So this is a post I made to a forum about first experiences and I just though, why not this is important enough to make a blog post. Anyway, here ya go

    The first real instance that I remember vividly was when I was 6-7ish. I had to wear pull-ups for nighttime wetting, still do though if you've seen my recent blog post then you know why i'm bare-butted right now, but non the less I had just woken up on a saturday. I was alone in my room and I just felt the urge to plop it on my head...... ...
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