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  1. Makena43. Diapered at work

    Okay this my first blog. So here it goes. I have two days to wear this week due to two Co workers that make me feel uncomfortable around. I put on my diapers on my lunch and then proceed back to work. Which is easy no worries there. I found out i don't. Like dealing. With taking care of the shipment in grocery business in diapers. Also I found. Thick diapers make it hard to move. So I went with thin diapers. I talked. To alot of customers and Co worker and I saw no looks at my diaper nor saying ...

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  2. Petrified

    3 days away from my back operation, and I'm petrified. Slightly relaxed by wearing a pad in my underpants and peeing into it. My family don't suspect a thing. The trouble with these modern pads is that you don't actually feel like you've wet yourself.
    Tags: peeing, stressed
  3. Solid Shots

    Every night, I take a solid shot that's what I call the cocktail of meds that I take every night. It's

    • two 300 mg gabapentin pills
    • one 2mg prazosin pill
    • four standard benadryl for the bedbug allergy
    • one 50mg tramadol
    • an L-methylfolate, equal to the RDA of 100%
    • 100mg of topamax
    • 5mg olanzapine
    • and 75mg venlafaxine.

    It covers and starts to ride the sides of a standard shot glass.

    It's a clustercuss. Fibro, PTSD, nerve damage, nerve pain, ...
    Tags: diary, health, ramble
  4. I've Always Wanted To Blog!

    I've always loved watching little web series based around girls making blogs about their lives and talking about heir day and asking/giving advice. Ohhh my goodness this is amazing! I love the feeling of saying something that make people feel happy, and I've always wanted someone to look forward to something I plan on doing.

    Ooooooohhh I might be a blogger now :3
  5. Leave it to me.

    Only I can lacerate my eye just getting out of bed.

    Yes I scratched/cut my left eye trying to take my bipap mask off. Some how I hit myself in the left eye and cut the eyeball. It hurt like hell and I tried to rinse the eye.

    IT hurt for a while then was ok. A little while later it started to hurt again. I got my eye to tear a lot and it stopped. This happened two more times. My wife looked at it and said it looked like there was a film of some kind in there. I irrigated ...
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